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    Tank seeking help with Fury DPS

    Good Morning and thank you in advance for taking your own time to assist me with this. To give a little background, I have played warrior since Vanilla and I have played this warrior since BC. I have tanked since the beginning of BC and used Arms as my offspec for PVP / raid DPS whenever it was a 1 tank fight. I have found arms to be very dissatisfying this expansion and I am attempting to transition to fury since I don't PVP much anymore. I still tank for raids, but several fights do require a tank to be DPS. I have put a lot of effort into my DPS gear, and though not all pieces are premiere, my set has come along nicely. I have read a multitude of fury DPS guides (including the one on these forums), and tried a multitude of different reforges, specs, rotations, ETC and still find my DPS severely lacking.

    So the meat of the problem is, I am in pretty decent gear now and still find myself pulling 30-40k DPS on a single target fight. After 3 weeks of comparing my efforts against other warriors in the raid (who typically are 10 iLvL below me and pull 10-30k more DPS than me), I am at a complete loss as to where my primary issue is. Before I go too much further, I will note that my Bracers and my Legs are on the chopping block to be replaced, I recognize they are not enchanted. I replaced my offhand sword (from scimitar) and my shoulders (from PVP shoulders) last night, and have not completed my reforging to correct my stat deficiency in expertise yet, the rest of the gear remains unchanged. I do recognize the 7.5%/7.5% base requirement and ensure I am meeting it for all encounters (pointing this out because my armory will reflect a lower expertise at this moment).

    When my bloodthirst is procing enrage effectively, I can sustain 50k dps, however I will sometimes find lulls where I am just sustaining 80-100 rage and waiting for an enrage proc. I have also noted some warriors doing 1m + Executes while mine max out around 500k with full CD's and enrage. I believe with my gear I should be seeing DPS of 70-90k (based on other members in similar gear in my raids pulling this DPS). I could be wrong and warrior may be more gear dependant. The 3 people I compare against are a Frost DK in 483iLvL Gear pulling 80-105k sustained, a Hunter in 490 pulling 80-105k sustained and a Mage in 486 pulling 85-100k sustained.

    I realize I am not narrowing things down very much, but I can not pin point a specific location in the fight where I am lacking, but rather the entire fights.


    When NOT Enraged: Bloodthirst > Heroic Strik / Wild Strike on Proc to maintain 80-100 rage
    When Enraged: Blood Bath if Available Dragon Roar > CS > BT > > Raging Blow > Wild Strike - and I will pair a Heroic Strike with every attack during this time

    I use a macro with Recklessness, Skull Banner, Deadly Calm, and trinket. I will use this when it is up and i'm enraged, unless we are nearing a Heroism. I will try to reserve this macro in the second half of the fight for Heroism / Execute phase depending on the fight. I have considered reserving Reck for Execute phase, but my issue runs far deeper than that and this tweak would be once I am in the ballpark of success.

    It will not allow me to post links, so I added them as text.

    World of Logs: "worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-h7mk9w2gr8wu3eev/details/35/"
    To view a fight, hover over Boss, select the boss, then hover over Player > Warrior and select Nethril. Also ignore Tsulong, I was a little frustrated and gave up trying for that fight.

    Armory Link: "us.battle.net/wow/en/character/magtheridon/Nethril/advanced"

    Again, thank you for your help, any guidance is greatly appreciated because 30-40k DPS is not even acceptable for my gear and I have found myself lost for any further ideas on how to correct this. I'm sure I have missed some details in the post, but I will be checking and gladly answering anything. I'm not used to asking for help, typically I've been the one helping others so I really do appreciate this a lot.

    - Nethril

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    Please use the Fix-My-DPS thread:


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