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    Sorry, but that's just not true. You certainly CAN 4-heal Empress, and on 10-man heroic that was pretty much the only possible way to do it pre-nerf, and even now most guilds still use 4 healers for at least their first heroic kill. If the DPSers+the tank can't kill at least one add in the ~30 secs it takes for healing and tank cooldowns to drop, then it's a skill issue, unless you're trying to do it in blue gear. 4 healers make it safer and berserk timer shouldn't be an issue, but of course I do agree that on normal it's quite redundant.

    Also, I repeat, AoE stuns are not amazing here, they're dangerous. You exchange 3-5 seconds of no damage for a potentially huge spike of damage that can oneshot the tank if you're unlucky with dodges/parries/blocks. Single target stuns are alright and AoE stunning is possible when a few adds have been killed, but I strongly advise against using that when you're tanking 5-6 adds.

    Tremors in last phase are good, yeah; you should also communicate who's dispelling who so you don't end up dispelling the same person and having dispels on cooldown while the other guy runs away from the group and dies.
    We're talking normal empress here, not heroic. 4-healing may still be viable, but its really unnecessary and I would still argue you're better off going 3 heals to get through P2 faster rather than taking extra damage and possibly having to go through P2 twice.

    As for stuns in P2 being bad, what the hell are you smoking? There are 2 possibilities, stun the adds in which case the tank takes no damage for 3-4 seconds, or don't stun them in which case the tank takes damage over those 3-4 seconds. I'm no calculus teacher, but i'm pretty sure that stuns mean the tank takes less damage if you stun the adds. Yes, the tanks have to coordinate cd's so they have something ready when the stun ends, but suggesting not using an available way to reduce damage is basically the suggestion of someone who has no idea what they're talking about.

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    You only need about 5-10 extra seconds at the start of phase 2 for the tanks to get control of things, if your dps are on their game and blow up a single add quickly.

    I forgot to mention the kiting possibilities. If your rdruid or hpala can go feral or ret, have them taunt and kite one of the windblades, or even taunt and offtank them. Your dps warrior could do something similar. When the windblades are far from the others they hit hard but not impossibly hard.

    We even let our warlock tank one once. He was very happy.

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    When you stun all the adds, their swing timers reset which means they're all going to hit the tank at the same time when the stun is over, which leads to damage spikes. On heroic that alone is enough to oneshot the tank from 100% sometimes (personal experience) and even if it doesn't oneshot the tank on normal, it doesn't mean the same thing isn't happening there and the spikes are still very dangerous. I'm pretty sure most healers prefer a steady stream of damage to unpredictable random spikes.

    Cleaned up the post a bit, to take out some of the snips you had. Please be more mindful to not need to include such things. -Azshira
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    I'm not trying to be a pragmatist by any means, but both of you have valid points.

    First, Dagthul, there is no reason to four heal this fight anymore on normal. If the healers can't handle three healing this fight, it's time to find new healers because they certainly won't be able to handle something like HC-Bladelord.

    Secondly, Kurzior, you pointed out the reasons not to stun by yourself. The sync'd swing timers can yeild an enormous burst. If the tanks coordinate the stuns so they have a cooldown up for that, it's not an issue. We no longer stun the adds on the fight because the steady, predictable damage is better than burst.

    Third, this was a thread to help someone, not a pissing contest. Did you have any success OP?

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    Did what was suggested with 2 sets of adds on each tank, one side killed. Reavers trapped as soon as possible.
    Had some minor issues, but in the end worked out nice.

    No Protectors though tonight. Maybe next week.
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    Well done, grats on your kill!
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    Congrats on the kill!

    And when you get to Protectors, try a pull or two in Elite mode before you settle for normal. The gear upgrade is quite nice and it's really not harder, especially if your tank and your melees are able to move quickly when necessary.

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