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    Do you think old raids should share 10 + 25 lockout?

    This grinds my gears a little. I like to solo/do old content with my friends. We are currently farming ICC for the achievements and transmog gear, as well as trying to do some Ulduar. After a few weeks of this, I'm begining to wish I could do 10 and 25 ICC every week, like we used to be able to.

    It doesn't really make a whole lot of sense to me that they ever shared a lockout in the first place, especially since they were never really designed to, what with having different ilvl gear and such.

    Basicly I wish Blizzard would remove the shared lockout so I can do more old content a week, it kind of feels like an un needed change to content that would soon be outdated anyway, I realise when they implemented the shared lockout that they were sort of "testing the water" for the future content, but does it really need to stay that way on content that is no longer current?

    I'm probably one of the only people that gives a crap about this, but what do you guys think about this? Should old content have the same lockout rules as current? Post your thoughts.
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    indeed, there should be 4 lockouts for ICC (10, 10hc, 25, 25hc).

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    It makes it a bit harder to get all those achievements if you didn't do them back in the days, but it will just take more time and effort spread out. Its fine for Ulduar/ICC, because these raids also drop legendary items. Although it depends on your connections etc it'll likely be easier to actually get people every week for one raid, than multiple. If you insist on the achievements, you can do them on alts besides your main. What remains is transmog. Well, it isn't a big problem IMO.
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    Yeah, I don't really mind if the current content shares the lockouts (that much. But that is a debate for another thread) but the older content... meh. With some achievements and things like mounts you can already circumvent it somewhat with different characters if you have characters you can play as competently as your main and are as well-geared or "well-geared enough" as mounts and achievements are accountbound but it's really pain if you
    1) want transmog. If you need one item from 10-man and one item from 25-man it makes the farming even more annyoing than relying on droprates
    2) would just like to goof around

    They removed the need to be in a raid group already so really.
    It isn't a "big problem" exactly, but it's still annoying.

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    The transmog issue exists only in WotLK raids.
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    I did wonder if this was the case. Guess I was correct in thinking that they applied the lock out to wotlk raids as well as cata/mop.

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    There should be no lockouts for old raids or old heroic dungeons... people are only running them for transmog anyway.

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    Would not mind at all if the removed the shared lockout from the WotLK and Cata raids.

    I don't even mind them removing the lockout from older MoP Raids (e.g. when 5.2 gets released remove the shared lock out from the 5.0 raids).

    I am 100% against them removing the shared lock out from the current raiding tier though

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    Maybe there shouldn't be a lockout at all for old raids.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lolalola View Post
    Maybe there shouldn't be a lockout at all for old raids.
    Yea, finish your Shadowmourne in less than 24 hours lol.

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    to reply to your question, no, i dont think it should share the same lockout, i never taught it was a good idea tbh i liked how i could to both icc 10 and 25m in the same week :/ its basically killed the 25m pugs on my server

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    10's and 25's should never share lockouts, i hate shared lockouts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spinachsandwich View Post
    10's and 25's should never share lockouts, i hate shared lockouts.
    Bascially what I'm thinking, I envy the Koreans & its one of the reasons why I stopped doing Raiding in general. I like to run mutiple raids with the guild.
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    For old raids that once didn't share lockouts - should stay that way. But I get that blizzard uses one model for lockouts. Probably cheaper to keep it like it is now. But if they'd ask me: hell yes give them back!!!

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