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    [Boomkin] Soul of the Forest in 5.2

    hey guys,

    I was looking at the changes to the Soul of the Forest talent, it now gives 40 solar or lunar power when you leave an eclips...

    at the same time i was looking at the 4tier bonus on the tier 15 which gives us 1000 crit and mastery for the duration of nature´s Grace and i was thinking if with the fact that it takes you so much faster from one eclips to the next you could almost keep this buff up at all times, though i must say i haven´t checked into this much it was simply i thought i had...

    i was wondering if anyone had done some math on this compared to incarnation...
    would very much appreciate it if someone could link or just leave comment below on it ty for your time

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    SotF change in 5.2 has been discussed on the forum already. And it s not as good as it would seem to be.

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    would you mind linking it to me? can´t seem to find it

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    ty m8. much appreciated

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    Closing thread.
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