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    [A] Suit Up 7/16 heroic - Shadowsong EU, LF Ranged dps

    Suit Up are a semi hardcore english speaking 10 man raid guild on Shadowsong EU. We aim to clear all current content on both heroic and normal modes. We are looking to bolster our 10 man roster to provide stability and attract focused skillful players for the remainder of 5.0 and 5.1 content but equally going forward to 5.2.


    Suit Up was originally one of the three teams formed after MCO’s 25 man raid team split in Cataclysm. We left MCO mid Dragon Soul to form Suit Up in the hopes of establishing our own identity within the community. Since that time we cleared heroic Dragon Soul and are progressing through Mists launch content.

    Raid Schedule

    Thursday - 19:00 to 23:00
    Sunday - 19:00 to 23:00
    Tuesday - 19:00 to 23:00


    We are currently recruiting a non Warrior Tank.

    We are also recruiting two of the following:

    Elemental Shaman

    Recruits are expected to be punctual, prepared and have high (80%) attendance. Desirable attributes in a recruit:

    - Positive attitude
    - Dedication
    - Preparedness (pots, tactics, potions, food)
    - High attendance (80%)
    - Skillful
    - Patience

    Current Progress:

    MSV - Normal 6/6 Heroic 5/6
    HoF - Normal 6/6 Heroic 2/6
    ToES - Normal 4/4

    Officers: Esrum (Alla /#/ 2104) or Nevrin (Nevrin /#/ 2752)

    Additional contacts: Artica (Artica /#/ 2759) or Bonbons (Mnesia /#/ 2417)

    Feel free to contact us in game.
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    Apply today, need more options!

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    Spirit kings down heroic

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    Elemental shaman and Holy paladin in trial, we currently look for a non warrior tank and a ranged dps, boomkin or lock.

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