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    Am I the only one who doesn't build Liandry's until last?

    I get Sorc Boots and Haunting Guise first, and it usually dominates, but I never bother upgrading to Liandrys until the end, or I replace it with something else endgame if I;m doing well (because she falls off lategame and magic pen becomes less useful). Gives too low stats to justify the cost, apart from the passive. But since I play such a heavy harass and BURST-YOU-DOWN-IN-4-SECONDS-LULZ-LULZ assassin playstyle I don't find it very useful for me. I prefer to rush an Abyssal Scepter if against APs, a giants belt > Zhonyas if against ADs, and a Rabaddons if im OWNING TEH SHIT UP.

    Would you guys always say it's best to lvl ultimate as soon as you can? I once would have said yes but now I'm not so sure, because the Spiderlings don't really have any use for you around lvl 6 - they do far too little damage, esp since your W is low lvl, and you don't have enough anyway, and also your human W is weak. I've been wondering if at lvl 6 I should upgrade W instead, then upgrade my ulti a bit later, such as lvl 8 or 11/13?

    But yeah, Elise can be played in many different ways and it's awesome - Bruiser, Assassin, etc. I prefer Assassin since I play Olaf and Jax for when I wanna play Bruiser. Elise is lovely though. She is intensely good 1v1 and people underestimate her attack so much (steroid + bonus magic damage is OP for a few seconds).
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    In League of Warmogs, she is very strong.
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    Don't you get higher Spider Form stats as well? I'm not sure.

    Also, people mostly get Haunting Guise on some champions for the magic pen, usually very bursty characters. Liandry's is more for people who only have sustained damage (like Vlad). Liandry's isn't bad, but for burst champs like Elise, there are higher priorities over upgrading it.

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