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    Lightbulb Judge Dredd video game!

    think batman arkham city, only you play as judge dredd instead.

    how awesome would that be?
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    I think I'd rather be Robocop.
    One cannot simply quit wow his way into Mordor.

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    As a setting it would be very awesome. Gameplay is what matters though, if it was just another shooter that would be bad and you couldn't really make it stealthy like Arkham City because that just isn't Dredd's style.

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    I would personally love it, but would like it to focus on one of the story arcs, rather than just arbitrary city patrolling, as that would get dull quite quickly to my mind. In Batman, you can ignore some crimes, but Judge Dredd doesn't Even if it is jaywalking, he will stop what he is doing and bust your ass for 5 years in an iso-cube. If they could find a way to remove the random arrests etc, then it would flow better to my mind as a game without being so potentially "stop/start".

    Something like Necropolis with the Dark Judges, or when the Russians invaded MC1. That would be quite cool to my mind

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    Was ok-ish, but was a linear FPS that wasn't much fun long-term. I think OP means a complete "open world" style game where you suit up, get your bike, leave Hall of Justice, then see what happens with random events/storyline to follow.

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    I think I'd rather be Robocop.
    This could work. Detroit.

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