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    Weakauras not showing Dynamic Group.

    I'm using Weakauras for pretty much the first time, and I'm trying to make a Dynamic Group for my CD's. I watch Affinitii from Blood Legions' live stream and his shows all the time. It shows all his CD's under his raid frame whether spells are on CD or not, whether he's in a raid or not, etc. Mine is only showing when it's actually on CD. I want to get mine like his, can anyone help?
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    hi vydrax,

    currently i'm not ingame so i can't give you exact instructions.
    what you have to do, is create two icons.
    1 that shows up when the spell is ready to use, and 1 icon when the spell is on cooldown.
    normally it should be enough to duplicate the aura, and then check the invert box in the trigger tab.

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    You can also use two triggers for the same aura instead of two auras, with one trigger being when the spell is on cd and the other being when the spell is available

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