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    Is Primal Fury delay ever gonna be fixed?

    It's really annoying to have this delay in Primal Fury. So much I went to look for an addon that never delays, and I've found Droodfocus, but the combo point circles are too small, they're not as visual as blizz default. Nevertheless it's better than a delay, but there's no way I'm tinkering with the configuration (which is heavily non-noob friendly). Does anyone know a BIG visual combo point tracker? Thanks in advance, and I hope Blizz fixes this...

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    DroodFocus is fairly easy to use if you take the time to read before you click buttons.

    Go cat form -> Open DF settings -> Enter Setup mode (among the top buttons) -> In this mode you can right click and module and see the settings or simply click the appropriate settings button from the main window of DF -> Find Combo Points -> There should be a Scale slide bar.

    Alternatively you can use NugComboBar.

    (Setup) Configuration mode button is on the (almost) top left

    Combo settings button is bottom right

    Also my bad, there is no Scale bar, you have to adjust Height and Width bars to your preference.
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