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    Yet another frost dk thread: Rune Management

    Hello guys, I was searching for rune management threads but didn't find any of them.

    My problem is that I often find myself stuck in 6-7 second cooldowns on every ability. (with 0 runic power)
    I play as 2h frost dk. I've always liked this class, and spec ( started in wotlk ) , but patch 5.0.4 ruined the old "rotation" for me , and I can't seem to find a way to prevent this from happening.

    I still, indeed, do a decent dps, about 58-60k single target with ilvl 458, but I know I could do so much better if I only could manage runes.
    I was looking up EJ advanced frost guide about rotations and rune management but this wall of text was really boring and I didn't pick up anything from there.

    So, do you have any tips and tricks for 2h frost dk ? Something that isn't written in guides.

    PS: I can play as blood dk also, perfectly. So the problem is not with a rune system overall, its the frost spec. Never had any problems with runes as blood.(unlike some people)

    Edit: Should I get myself a dk spellflash plugin (temporarily ) to practice that way ?

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    Why do you expect to be GCD capped during the first tier? Stack more haste, have a faster rotation; it's the obvious solution.

    Do your best to AMS soak though. A refillled bar of Runic every 45 seconds is nothing to sneeze at in terms of rotation speed.

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    More haste will fix that problem
    More haste comes on better gear
    If I had to take an educated guess I would say that your issue lies in your 458 ilvl

    Could you link your armory or at least give us your character name, server, and US or EU designation?

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    No need to guess, it definitely is his itemlvl.

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    It sounds like you're more interested in a quick fix or someone to tell you how to play. The best way is to test things yourself and read those big walls of text. They usually have some pretty good hidden pointers in them. If you want a quick lesson on rotation you should read the "Core Abilities" section in your spellbook. That's the most basic place to start and then you build up from that through reading walls of text. There is a pretty good sticky in the DK forums on here I believe. You should read it.

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    Get more haste, about 50%+ and it'll feel a whole lot better. Also make sure you never waste any resources, aka dont use runes if it overcaps your runic power, and dont use frost strike if you dont have a fully depleted rune to proc RE on.

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    Hello again. I totally forgot to answer to this thread.
    Yes, reason why I got cooldown locked was a lack of haste. Half my gear was tank's (mastery,exp).
    Now i got lucky and got two drops from LFR. I also replaced 95% of my tank gear with right gear. Item lvl 467 as of now, and 45,57% haste. Frost works like a charm !

    And whoever asked for armory: eu.battle.net/ wow/ en/ character/ draenor/ Alyzykir/

    And about reading wall of text about frost dk's.. I've never liked reading about class, I've always preferred a video , so people can show how to do something :P
    I learned more about frost dk from youtube tut. Thanks to mikepreachwow. Apparently he does very nice videos.

    Anyways mods can now lock this, got anything I need

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