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    Heroic lei Shi 10 need help!

    Hello, altough most groups says Lei shi is a joke on heroic, my group is struggling to pass him. We hit enrage, fuck up on adds phase because of lack of CCs or we have bad stacks management. Our Get away last too long and some ppl die during Get away

    I rly need your help to figure out what to do. I am not an experienced leader, i know my class but i can't rly teach others how to run their class

    We use 2 tank (and don't have access to a 3rd tank)

    Warrior tank
    Druid tank

    3 healers

    Resto druid (OS Boomkin)
    Paly heal
    Disc/Holy priest

    5 dps

    Ret paly (me)
    Ele shaman (OS Resto)
    Shadow priest

    Back up
    Arcane Mage
    Unholy / Frost DK

    So far, we were trying to run a 3 Debuff stackers rotation

    Hunter --> Ele sham (or mage) --> Shadow priest

    the hunter would debuff the boss right before the 1st Special with 4 stacks and was steping out to continue the stacking
    the Ele shaman (or mage on couple of attempts) was debuffing the boss with 7-8 stacks right after the hunter steped out and was staying in for the 2nd special (if it happened) then lost his Stacks

    At this point, we had an add phase(if we had 2 special in P1) and the shadow priest was Stacking 12 stacks on the Skull add so we were killing it quick) he then lost his stacks on the Boss

    Then the "true" rotation was starting: the hunter was geting inside right after a refresh of his stacks (he was at 11-13) then lost his stacks on the boss/add)

    then the Mage or shaman was geting in with 10-13 stacks and lost his stacks

    then the shadow priest at 10-13 stacks

    This works well on paper... but we didnt get a single attempts where that was working. We were usualy losing stacks at some point and couldnt manage to get pass 7-8 stacks at best in the rotation at some point

    I would rly appreciate if you could help me out figure a beter strat for this boss


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    You lose the odd stack sometimes to a bad hide but otherwise you shouldn't be dropping stacks unless you plan too. Can you elaborate how you're not making it over 7-8? What's causing you to lose stacks? I suspect your stackers aren't watching the timers properly, you need to judge 3 things when refreshing. The duration left on your debuff, the time till next Scary Fog and the time till next special. You'll always want to refresh before a special in case it's hide. Otherwise it's just a case of not leaving the debuff too late to refresh before it falls off.

    Edit: You'll also want to referesh just before each 20% hp if you're debuffing the adds unless you plan to drop too.

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    There are multiple strategies for this boss but let's cover the stacks first.

    The stacks are refreshed approximately every 10 seconds except during hide. Stakers should aim to be outside of the circle at 15 seconds left of the buff. After a hide, the stack immediately ticks. Therefore all stackers must be out of the circle the second she is found. Additionally all stackers must have a "full" duration going into a hide.

    Is there a reason you have no one going to 20? You're definitely straining your healers because the get away lasts double the duration and definitely hitting berserk because of it.

    Edit: Didn't see you don't have access to a third tank.
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    we only ever stacked to 10-15 with 3 stackers but prioritized having people that could get on the boss fast (mage, warlock, hunter).

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