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    The Class that you can't manage to play

    Which classes seem hard for you ,which are the ones despite your efforts you can't manage to play right.

    For me, i like the safety of paladin so i can't manage to play as rogues. They seem just hard to level and too much dependant on crits.

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    Every class is pretty easy to play, easy to learn - hard to master.

    There's even "guides" in-game now that tells you what to push.

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    Any class where there's a downtime between attack CDs, arms warrior and ret paladin are difficult for me not because they're hard, but because it bores me to death.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skitzy129 View Post
    Melee DPS.
    This. Blizzard's love for seizure inducing graphical effects has made melee a true pain to play.
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    I can't seem to enjoy monks for some reason

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    Quote Originally Posted by skitzy129 View Post
    Melee DPS.
    So much this. I've really been finding my comfort zone in ranged DPS.

    I love the idea of playing a feral Druid but frankly, I suck at it. My rogue was kinda fun for PvP in Cata but less so in Mists. Mostly I'd sneak around and gank flags when people forgot to fight on them. And there's a reason I just quest on my lil monk.

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    Rogues, just waiting for an energy bar to fill is mind blowingly boring to me.
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    Demo lock. Feels like I have 40 spells in the rotation...
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    Rogues and Feral Druids , I just cannot play an energy-based dps class well at all.

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    I dont think any are hard. I just cant get into some.

    I like the idea of a warlock with a voidwalker/lord, but just cant get into locks enough.
    Hunters likewise, I like BM hunters, but never get very far before I lose interest.

    Warriors, just get boring, they look more interesting at max level, but levelling is tedious in the extreme.

    Rogues......I just cant act enough of a twat to pull that class off, and I dont think I have enough time to devote to QQing on the forums, which seams to be a requirement.

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    Shamans. I have never gotten a shaman past level 30, because I am usually way too bored playing them, be it resto, ele or enh, even with full BoAs... and I've tried multiple times to level one.

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    odd, i think of having to wait on regular attacks with short CD's in the same way compared to all the instants rogues have, the mere moments it takes to get another strike is not much compared to waiting 6-13 seconds for whichever regular yellow strike abilities to be ready (career rogue here). I've never complained about being a rogue, it fits me like a glove and i adapt when changes are made.

    Still can play a paladin though. my 2nd alt is one.

    way in tbc i thought casting would be an issue but i dont mind it. Today i have a priest alt. Shaman too but i found prefer the priest shadow dps and disc healing specs, as in its more fun for me.

    However while i have played DK's and Hunters, the gameplay style just wasnt me. I couldnt get into it, i didnt hate it, but i just found myself drifting away to the classes i DID like. I can see how others play them and find them fun, i can see the appeal, its just that its not for me.

    I REALLY REALLY like the concepts of druids but right now cant seem to get into them, i'am gonna try again, it might just be teething or me trying to put ALL the buttons down for all the transformations and adapt my non changing button bars to work with all forms even though iam just Guardian spec.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xihuitl View Post
    I just cant get into some.
    I can relate to that, though in more of a nerdy RP sort of way. There's the classes I struggle to play well, then there's the ones that just don't inspire me. Like Paladin. Just can't get into it. And I want a Shaman SO bad -they look awesome- but every time I try I just end up abandoning them. I think it would take a really interesting new race for me to get into a Shaman or maybe even a Paladin. Till then... oh well, I have enough alts I guess.

    I couldn't get into Locks or Druids till Cata dropped. Goblins and Trolls fixed that right up for me. Now my Lock is my main.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skitzy129 View Post
    Melee DPS.
    That's funny because I am the exact opposite, my main for so many years was a warrior and then did DK for a lil while and now its an enhancement shaman. I could never seem to play a range, I didn't like having to wait for cast time. I like when I hit a button my shaman does an attack.

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    Before MoP, i played all speccs and enjoyed it, alot. Now, i just cant play melees. Its annoying as hell to always be in melee-range, run around like hell to reach your target, always be in range to something you have to aoe. That, and the fact that they are pretty much...bad, at almost every encounter and every encounter ranged -> melee.

    But, to be honest. Almost all ranged speccs -> melees -> mages. I just cant play a mage with the lvl90-talent, its not "hard", its just so damn annoying.

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    I'm actually the opposite, I can't do ranged.
    I have a 90 mage that I perservered with because he is my miner/herb.

    Hunter is level 43.
    Priest is 26.
    Warlock is 23.

    Warrior 90
    Enh Shaman 90
    DK 89
    Retri/Prot Paladin 85
    Feral druid 85
    Rogue 63
    Windwalker/BM Monk 80

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    Casters, so boring. (Incant ... seriously, i want my spells to be INSTANT if i don't want to fall asleep)
    Maybe i should try shadowpriest which is the only caster class i never tried.

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    I don't like playing a shaman. Despite all the options you have it was just too plain for me.

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    Pre-MoP, warlocks. I've always played melee(tank and dps), and was a hardcore rogue spreadsheeter and EJ fanatic, but something about warlocks just confused the shit out of me. That and I hate pet classes, so yeah. Same reason my hunter is level 9. WTB GUILD WARS PETLESS RANGER PLZ.

    Although, had you asked me before mid-Cata, I would have said ranged, period. But since then I've fallen in love with healing and spellcasting, and have a priest ready for MoP and working on a mage.

    I plan on playing a monk soon, so we'll see how that goes.

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