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    For some reason I've never been able to master a mage. I can do warlock and shadow priest just fine, but a mage? Nope. Maybe I gave up to quickly being under geared for fire, but I got my mage to max level in WoTLK and Cata both and I just never "got it."

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    I feel like I'm terrible at resto shaman. So much ramp time, seemingly dependent on stacking, I just can not for the life of me do well as a resto shaman. I think it may in general be my lack of ability as a healer though, considering i've only ever played resto druid before shaman, and I was only meh at that also lol

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    Paladin, priest. I dislike anything with holy spells.

    Monk and DK. Can't really put a finger on those, they just feel wrong to me. DK might be because they are a caster+melee hybrid.

    EDIT: Moonkins, not really sure I like them, loved them in Wotlk though.
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    Balance Druids, I know how to do the shit, and I know it's easy, but for some reason whenever I'm a Boomkin my attention-span degrades to 0 and I never seem to notice when my DoTs wear off or when I change eclipse. I dropped my Druid in Mists, because I didn't really enjoy it anyways, which is probably why I had a hard time giving a shit.

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    Can't play Shadowpriest well, rest I'm good with

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    Death knight tanking. /shudder

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    I've been playing since 2007 and have never once rolled a Hunter. For the first few years I was playing with a friend who played a Hunter almost exclusively, so I had really no reason to roll one, and over the years I just lost interest in playing one.

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    Feral druids, rogues, spriest, and frost mage. They just dont comply with me and its frustrating.

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    Mages. I seriously love casters in just about any game, the idea of gaining total subjugative power over the elements and detonating people's faces with them is just awesome, however in WoW its always been very limited.

    So wait, you're telling me I have power over the three most destructive elements in the universe and I can only use one at a time? And most of that comes from spamming one lack luster ability waiting for procs? No thanks.
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    Anything with energy. Oh god, the horror....

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    Classes I refuse to play Hunter (Post BC), DK (Post Wrath) I want blood dps back, cant stand UH or Frost, And the class I dont even have created is Warlock, which is kinda funny because back in vanilla it was my first ever character. Now I dont even have on on my account.

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    I have problems with Warlocks. I don't know why, but they're just intimidating to me.

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    Druids. They are just plain uninteresting for me. You've got a wannabe Combat Rogue spec, a wannabe Prot Warrior spec, a ranged spec that is just a mix of every other ranged spec ever, and a quite decent healing spec - shame I don't like healing.

    I always wanted to see Druids changed somehow. Like, their forms being meaningfull in every spec, Cats and Bears having more separation from Rogues and Warriors, more time out of shapeshift so you can see your gear sometimes - but nah, not going to happen.

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    I have issues playing Melee, the highest I have ever gotten on is my 85 warrior and I leveled as a tank. I have every caster class, but any of them with a healer spec is how I leveled. So, I prefer healers, can suffer casters, hate melee.

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    Warriors, Rogues, and Shamans. Not that they're hard - I just can't bring myself to play them. Warriors are probably the worst. The highest level I've ever gotten on one before quitting was probably 7.

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    Rogue, dunno why I just cant get into the whole energy thing. I feel like I do two moves and am waiting forever to do more

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    Mages, have every class above 80 except them. They're so boring with their one button rotations. Never been a fan of casters though.

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    Druids, can't understand the different forms!

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    I could play just about anything except melee dps. I love to tank, ranged dps or heal with almost any class but for the life of me I couldn't get into melee dps.

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    Paladin. I just can't stand the class.
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