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    I really struggle with melee dps. I always feel like I'm getting kited around like a noob.... because I am.

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    I love the class on paper, I always find myself wanting so bad to play one, but I can't do half the DPS I should be capable of, and there is just something about the special shots and equivalents (Chimera, Explosive and Kill Command) that for some reason I always use them late or just inefficiently. I focus starve myself a lot, or overcompensate and end up capping for multiple GCDs and I fail to juggle my abilities.

    I try and try, I practice and practice. This Hunter is super old, she has the Private rank from vanilla but in all this time I've never been able to play it right.

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    Demo Warlock. It's just... So.. Clunky...?

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    I really wanted to switch my main to druid but unfortunately my DPS was humiliating, I was embarrassed to even do dungeons, so I gave up at 88 once I realized I wouldn't get better.
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    Priest is way too boring. I can play a caster, but their's something about priest that just bores me to death.

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    I've tried all classes in the game and truthfully, I can play all of them at least pretty well. The only exception, on account of never having played it at all, is Unholy DK, which I hear has a pretty high skill requirement.
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    Mages / Locks / Priests. I just can't get into playing a clothie. I am more of a Paladin / DK / Druid kinda guy.

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    i can play any of my classes well but there's specs i can't seem to do as good as i should. Biggest outliers are fury Warrior and combat rogues, specially since they implemented colosus smash. I just hate how both of them flows. button mashing isn't my thing.

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    Not hard or necessarily a class I can't "manage" to play but I don't enjoy playing Warlocks or Rogues, any other class I'm fine with but those two I can't bring myself to play of ten enough to become decent with them.

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    I have everything but mage, warlock, warrior and shaman at 90 (warrior and shammy are 88 and I just can't do another run to 90 right now) the clothies are 65 and 75 and they're ok, but I'm concentrating on my main - a disc priest.

    I can't monk. I got to 90 and even geared enough for the 5.1 LFR and I just can't... it's great at soloing and scenarios, but I hate healing heroics and just get carried in LFR - got booted once for being terribad on the HPS - not that we wiped, people are just sometimes jerks.

    I've healed on every class - and Paladin was my main in LK, but I went druid in Cata, and now priest in MOP. Shaman's ok, but I haven't had a chance to try it out in raids - and probably won't if I ever get 90.

    I don't really like melee - I can do it, but it's boring. Heck, everything at the moment is boring except for Disc. Healing by dps... that's a ton of fun. Sadly, its getting nerfed, so I'll have to L2Priest again. Maybe at that point, I'll just quit and do something else. Meh.

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    I've played just about every class and can bumble my way through most of them, but the one I feel most at sea with is DKs. Oh sure, everything dies, but there's just something about their resource system that I can't seem to wrap my head around. I swear I've four DKs through the starting zone and later deleted each of them.

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    Rogue, I can't stand the combopoint system. Also can't play kitty dps for this reason.

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    All of the healers and Warlocks. They just don't jive well for me.

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