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    No, that bidder doesn't risk anything.
    The point is that if the bid is higher then 960k or smth (don't remember the exact sum), it cannot be outbidden, as you can't have more than 1mln (minus 1 c) gold on hand, and the interface would't accept lower bids (like if you wanted to bid 980001 gold on that invincible 980000 bid)
    I have never bid 1million- 1 c on the BMAH but I think this is not correct.The only bid you can not outbid is the gold cap (1 million -1 c)
    If this were true no one would ever bid more than that you are refering to.

    Edit: No,you were right.That ammount is not "outbidable".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Primi View Post
    Everyone makes mistakes.Myself the first but what I really dont understand from that picture is....the 980k bid on invicible?

    Are you wiiling to pay 980k but not 999.999 g? are you willing to risk being outbid by 19k g and lose the auction on a 1million bid?

    953000 gold bid will require the next person to bid 1000650 gold, which is impossible so thats all you need to bid, you must out bid the person by 5%.

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    That is just painful to look at. But at the same time sort of deserve it, no need to be so careless.
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    Poor guy...

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    Okay this is hilarous. Jesus.

    Anyway, not AS huge but someone did the same thing on our server. Paid something like 350k for an invite when he meant to bid on a mount. I'm sure rage followed.

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    The BMAH interface is terrible. I was going to bid on the drake from Four Winds (was like 40k or something with short time left.) Put my bid in, read the confirmation box and realized that even though I had the drake selected, it was putting my bid on the Hot Item of the day. I relogged, same thing. Relogged with all my addons turned off, but by then the bid was up to 75k and too pricey imo, however several brawler's guild invites had 50-60k bids on them.

    Perhaps this is intended?

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    This made for a good laugh.

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    Ow that had to sting. Missing out on the mount more than anything, as he'll likely get his gold back. As long as he explains the issue in a clear and concise manner and doesn't rage in his ticket, he should get his money back. I've gotten money back from bidding on the wrong thing on the BMAH. The first GM said no, but I resubmitted the ticket using more calm language, ended it with thanks, and the next time I logged in I had my gold back. Of course it wasn't even remotely close to that much gold.

    Some people will say not to submit a second ticket on something like that, but sometimes that's really the only way to get it done if the first GM doesn't understand the ticket. The BMAH interface is horrible.

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