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    Who is the most OP champion in your eyes?

    Like the title says, what champion do you think is the most unbalanced/ overpowered?

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    Olaf's ability to 1vX people despite not having done too well in lane or even downright feeding can get on my nerves quite often. If he's any good you cannot kite him, you can't build safely against him and poking him down only sets you up for your inevitable frenzied doom :P

    I wouldn't call him overpowered, but I would place him somewhere way above good. He's the first that comes to mind with this question.

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    While i agree with deylana, olaf did get a nerf in the last patch and i only feel he can be a pain when im playing ADC and he just rushes me down and we are unable to cc.

    I think the most OP champion is akali, she's a great mid and toplaner with a sick burst and chasing / escape mechanic. Most games i've played against her recently she ends up being really fed. Though a great counter is obviously buying and oracles :P

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    The one with a very skilled player controlling it

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    I don't feel that there is an overpowered champ atm. There are brainless easy champs though, like darius. Oh god, how much I hate darius.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rampant Rabbit View Post
    Amumu gets my vote.
    Oh yes amumu, there is a reason he has a 67% ban rate in ranked. 1 bandage toss hit into an ult = Won teamfight

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    #1 spot: Blitzcrank.

    Dodge 99.9% of all grabs. Get hit once, enemy team get's a 4v5 advantage with no effort what-so-ever. zzzzz


    Not OP. Simply not balanced properly, at all. Or Nasus, Jax, Veigar. Not balanced well. But I loathe the whole "spend 30minutes farming and instantly win the game because you're a god"-concept. Not so much with Veigar, but Jax and Nasus. Good grief man.

    Kha'Zix is way too powerful aswell. Assassin with insane poke and a twice-the-range-of-flash(problaly longer range l0l) jump which resets on kills? Yeah, gj whoever thought that'd be balanced. Any reset-abilities is somewhat not balanced (imho, anyway, one of the mechanics I hateeee except if it's on something similiar to Irelia's Q)
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    Singed and cho are pretty OP, thought seani to himself trepiticiously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalis View Post
    Not finding-a-cock-on-your-girlfriend-is-normal level of odd, but nevertheless, still odd.

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    Umm I think there is no op champ atm ...... just champs that are strong.

    Will be missed ~

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    I never once thought I'd see Nasus mentioned in a thread like this.

    As always, the answer is...

    Teemo. Global taunt OP.

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    Malphite is a champ i fear but wouldn't call him OP

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    /10 chars

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    Champions that are hard to counter.

    Blitzcrank, this guy in a 5v5 fight if he is lvl 6 and the rest of the players are level 18 he is still a bad ass. Grab pull --> Stun--> Silence --> W to run away to safety.

    Taric. Only champion with a Click over target Stun, very hard to counter since the Ability isn't a skill shot. Every time i play has Ezreal I poke --> E to safety and get stun but at least i am stunned in a safe place XD

    Amummu -- > He has decent damage, his Q skill is a skill shot ability but if i am not mistaken is the 2nd fastest skill in LOL Q --> + R = WIN

    Leona. Her E is the fastest thing in game and can pass through minions so unlike Amummu and Blitzcrank you can't use a minion to shield your self. her Ultimate also stuns and has a good range.

    Ezreal. His Ultimate has a low CD and he can shot it to anyplace in the map, but what makes him OP is the fact that he is hard to gank with his E to "flash" away to flee or get kills. His W passes through minions and gives allies extra attack speed, and His Q has the biggest range of all skills in-game ( If you don't count Ultimates because Ashe's , Kog's, Twitch's, Draven's and Ezreal's himself ultimate have bigger range)

    Evelyn. She has very strong ganks and is a very good initiator. She is also hard to gank if she doesn't have W on CD. But what makes her more powerful mid game is the fact that she makes the other team spend more gold on Vision Wards and Oracle's.

    Garen. Garen is hard to gank if he has Q ready and E ( E is great to flee if there are minions since you can walk through minions or to get kills or just to harass with Q --> E to come back to safety)
    He does good damage even if full tank with his ultimate. Did i said his Q was OP because if you didn't understand i Will Say it again, his Q is the most OP skill that any melee has.

    LeBlack. Silence, flash skill and hard to gank because of passive.

    Veigar his E is OP and his Ulti on an AP -.-'' but i hink he is kind of balanced because he has really small range like Ryze.

    OFC every champion has it's counter and they don't win games by themselves, they need their team to have good focus and know what to do.
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    Casual/Hardcore - Measure of Time

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    Kha'zix, he may be an assassin squishy whatever you want to call, but his W and E evolved is too much. Burst 1 down *leap away* like a boss

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    Kha zix; too much utility for an assasin.

    Amumu;simply too much damage, tankiness and CC in one.

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    Right now I'd probably go with Amumu. Great jungler with some of the best ganks that also scales very well into late game.

    Khazix is close too, very strong damage combined with mobility.

    I'm not sure about Shen being OP, just insanely frustrating to play against.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Etna View Post
    Garen. Garen is hard to gank if he has Q ready and E ( E is great to flee if there are minions since you can walk through minions or to get kills or just to harass with Q --> E to come back to safety)

    Garen's E slows you down, tho.

    I really don't think there is any particular overpowered champion right now, but I do think there are some concepts that are too strong.

    Olaf for example, the ability to become an unpeelable and unkillable killing machine is too strong. I haven't seen him since the nerf tho so idk how he is right now.
    Evelynn and Shaco: long-lasting stealth is dumb. The fact that people need to spend more gold on a ward just for them is really bloody strong. Evelynn got hit by nerfs and Shaco is so-so in team fights/late game, so they have downsides at least.

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    Atm, I'd go with Kha'zix ... he can one shot a wave with relatively low AD with his AoE... and his Q's isolation thing is just OP to lane against... it should only work in a bush in all honesty.

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