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    Blitzcrank, enough said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hasslehoof View Post
    I absolutely hate playing against Fizz unless I'm mid, Every. Single. Game. My mid feeds him and he just snowballs super hard one shotting everyone. What is so hard to grasp about playing against Fizz? when his troll poll is down, harass, when he tries to come near you, run away, get the jungler to gank once you bait him in to fighting you, easy. Don't consider him OP, just very frustrating when morons feed him because they don't understand the concept of waiting to attack. And while I do hate it when the enemy has one, I love playing him. Best champion!
    Usually when I play Fizz (and do well) I win by ragequitters or surrender votes more than Nexus kills. I don't think he's OP by any means (high skill, high risk, high reward snowball champ) but he brings out the rage in people like no other champ I play.
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    I hate fizz!
    Couldn't play him while he was free (sucked), and when fighting against one he carries the team, people get insta-gibbed.

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    Xin is really strong in the jungle right now, I think he even got a nerf.

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    Talon is the only champ I'd call directly OP. He just deals ridiculous amounts of damage for extremely little effort. Xin also does..way too much dmg early game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pfeff View Post
    I think you haven't played many champions
    Actually, he's correct.

    The only one with another "click-on-target"-CC is Fiddlesticks, which is a fear effect and not a stun, Vi, which is a knock-up (granted, this an ultimate though along with WW+Malz ulties). And Ryze, that's a snare and well, fuck Ryze.

    Nocturne's fear might be a click-target fear aswell, but it has a channel time before the actual effect comes into play, Xin's knock-up requires 3 AA's. Irelia's stun is a click-on-target aswell, but this requires the opponent to have less % health than her, otherwise it's a slow.

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    Sion would like to join your list :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deylana View Post
    Sion would like to join your list :P
    Oh fuck, shush. Shush. SHUSH.

    I completely forgot about him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sivalion View Post
    Oh fuck, shush. Shush. SHUSH.

    I completely forgot about him!
    and Pantheon.

    And technically if you want to include Fiddlesticks you should probably include Rammus too.
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    As many people say Blitzcrank, there where times i would have agreed, but after i try to pick him whenever i have firstpick and played him quite a bit, i changed my oppinion. Blitzcrank he is not reliable in Solo Queue, he may dominate bot lane but later on in team fights he can be reduced to meaning less. Best example was last game i got some good grabs, even pulled their mega fed kayle in without her team near, team doesnt react in time she gets away and our team picked apart. Its the same for me now with all tanky supports, like leona and alistar. You initiate the fight, team doesnt follow, you die. in Late game a clever adc or caster hides behind his wall of tanks and its impossible to get a grab that doesnt help the enemy team if they react fast enough. And if the shit goes down you have your ult, one grab and maybe two or three knockups in a teamfight before you are dead, not all that much. And people most of the time dont utilise the advantage i gave them early on, and its dragged out into late game you just plain wont make much of an impact.

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    I would say Lee Sin , he's way too good at losing games.. I wish they'd nerf his op damage output and CC in teamfights.

    Edit : More seriously, Twisted Fate. A well played Twisted Fate is almost impossible to counter and has to be one of the most frustrating things to play against. He's balanced because he's very hard to play well, but he's seriously broken when that is the case.

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    Blitzcrank is certainly the most OP champion in my eyes. A Blitzcrank in the right players hands will make a 5v5 teamfight never happen. One grab into the enemy team and they are guaranteed dead then its 4v5. Even if you miss the grab you still have a knockup cc and silence to go along with your AOE ulti. You cannot even sit under your own turret safely with a blitz supporting, you just need to run away or give them a free kill to go along with the free turret. I would rather not play a game than play against a Blitzcrank, it just makes the game so much less fun for me to play. I still play when there is a blitz it's just super frustrating. To address some of the aforementioned rebuttals:

    Stand behind creep to avoid being grabbed: This is somewhat of a selfish statement in my opinion, so the whole game you cannot advance against a blitzcrank without at least 3 creep in front of you to block grabs? Most skill shots are blocked by creep, making creep walls invaluable in lane, but its so easy to step to the side and hit your skill shot.

    Follow a teammate that gets grabbed: Rocket grab goes through walls for one, you cannot follow a teammate that gets grabbed across a wall without the whole team blowing flash assuming everyone has it up. And even if they do, it is still too strong of an initiate, the person grabbed is almost always immediately knocked up and dies before being able to have control of their champion in a team fight.

    Additionally: Blitzcrank is a champion that is a huge asset to a team even when focused. You could die 20 times in a game, be lvl 6 against 5 opposing lvl 18s and still be almost as valueable to your team if you were 18 as well. It is a champion that is impossible to be completely put under control. Even when I play tank, am fully geared and we have the opposing team doubled in kills I still shy away from a blitz in fear of being grabbed. He has the ability to completely negate one player in a game. That is why Blitzcrank is the most overpowered champion.

    To even the playing field: Make rocket-grab a point and click ability that is dodgeable, similar to chogaths knockup. Put a circle highlight on the ground where the fist will land in .5 second and if you are in it when the fist gets there you are pulled back. This makes blitzcrank more of a skill-based pick that works well situationally with certain ADCs like every other support in the game. Like I said before, even if you take grab away completely from Blitz' arsenal, he still has a variety of weapons to work with. Make grab less noob friendly and Blitz is suddenly a fair champion. Please let me know if you disagree.

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    Nautilus. So much CC, so much dmg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunnycyde View Post
    I understand your issue but you forgot the one thing that counters blitzcranks the most: vision and countervision. Have more vision than him/his team -> dodge his grabs or catch people. Have appropriate countervision -> he's not able to grab properly in mid/end game.

    OT: I think there's no completely OP champion atm. But the, if played well, strongest and most gamechanging champion is in my opinion TF. Even after the nerf (by drastically increasing his ult cd in lower levels) this champion opens up so many plays and such a different playstyle for the whole team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seani View Post
    Singed and cho are pretty OP, thought seani to himself trepiticiously.
    Too bad people mostly play proxy Singed

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    I usually hate champs that aren't recognized OP by community.
    For ex. Malzahar. I just hate him, cuz Ahri is my 2nd fav. champ and
    I mostly play her for the past 2 months. I don't know how but I get
    Malzahars a lot of time. He just shut downs Ahri.

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    Support Nidalee that goes AP. Maybe i'm just shit but i had a caitlyn + nidalee ap support simply destroy us and force us into turrets so hard it was impossible to do anything. 1 single spear and half+ of my hp gone from just her

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