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    I'm about to quit

    Until about level 10 I loved this game, I played it for hours every day for a couple of weeks. My win:loss ratio was about 1.6, and I actually consider myself an extremely fast learner, still a ton more to learn though.

    But now it's just not fun anymore, my win:loss ratio is down at around 1.1 now, I lose every 5 of 6 games, yet i'm MVP. I absolutely dominate the majority of my games, but my teammates (I assume due to (admittedly, must be very good) matchmaking) are just, absolute nightmares, I constantly get people with 0 kills and 10 deaths, feeders. I had a game where I was 30/1 and we still lost, yeah, and that was defending, I wasn't hiding. These teammates are driving me nuts, the game actually isn't fun because of this.

    Anyway, sorry, the rant seems a bit pointless because there is probably nothing that can be done about it, boosting 3 (sometimes even 4) players is too hard most of the time, but I've boosted 4 idiot teammates to a win many times.


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    Or play till level 30 and see how far you can get, no use basing on this game without hitting 30.
    The low community is like 70% smurfs and you will lose due to it.
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    Try leveling past ten if you haven't already and if your thinking of quitting because you've lost at pvp then boy I don't see how you've yet to quit already seeing how it tends to be off and on for winners.

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    So because you are not innately good you are going to quit? God forbid a game requires some form of practice or skill. Buh bye.

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    Let's be harsh and honest.

    If you lose a game with crazy score, you've done no better than if you lose with terrible scores.

    The key to win team games is to play so others can win the game. It might not sound fun, and people might be like "but there are feeders and afkers", but it's simply how team games work.

    If the whole team is terribly outmatched, there is not that much what can be done, and it's not a problem. If single player could always win games where he alone is better than opponents, it would be very frustrating for other team, that they could deal with 4 people, but just one better guy would completely null their chances. If the person can't translate his own advantage into team advantage, he should accept his defeat.

    Also there is ranked mode which attempts to match you with and against players of similar skill level, and it's much less volatile.

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    If you want to vent/rant please use the http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...To-Vent-Thread thread.

    We don't need an individual thread each time someone has this sentiment.

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