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    Judging by a lot of responses, I don't think people understand balancing or what makes a champion "overpowered."

    The capability to snowball is not justification for calling something overpowered. Your favorite champion's soft counter doesn't justify "OP!!!1!, plz nerf" cries.

    When you see a champion's win rate is significantly higher than other champions of similar role, then you have some basis for comparison.

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    except the caviat "in your eyes", meaning whatever they FEEL is OP is valid in the thread. Professor Killjoy.

    IMO its vayne. Even if u keep her down in lane, she is like a ranged trynd... she WILL get to be a monster. You could delay it... but it WILL happen.

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    atm vayne with BOTRK seems really broken

    elise is geting a change soon but still quiet strong atm in oceanic now Lol

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    Singed maybe? I don't really understand what classifies as OP. But in terms of Singed, I LOVE playing as him for the sole reason that he is a master troll and that you can easily catch people off guard with your tankiness and gas ^^
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    This sound like similar problem I faced on Exodar. You should consult O'ros. O'ros know best for you. Female is tricky subject.

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    I'm jumping on the Kha'zix and Amumu bandwagon. Kha'zix with the OP mobility of an assassin that just out-"kit"s any other one. His ability to build bruiser or assassin also makes him versatile and OP in both ways! His wave clear is insane even with low AD with the AoE ability. Amumu's cc is an unstoppable force, and he is a tanky machine. Ez is overrated, though not so "overpowered".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulstrike View Post
    atm vayne with BOTRK seems really broken

    elise is geting a change soon but still quiet strong atm
    Link to the Elise change?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azlarn View Post
    Link to the Elise change? in oceanic now Lol

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    ryze, seriously screw that champ

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    Jayce, pretty simple.

    He has range and does huge damage with auto attacks (unlike Elise or Nidalee, they're more spell oriented, unless melee)
    Crazy poke, we all know that. (Even with nerfs, it's still insane)
    And a set of 6 spells (not counting trasformations) that do pretty much everything, slow, knockback, speed boost, poke, wave clear and great pushing power.

    No wonder they're playing around with him so much. Just my 2 cents of course.

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    Caitlyn, Thresh, Jarvan, any mid (it's either your or the enemy mid will feed, there is no gray area).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nocturnalz View Post
    While i agree with deylana, olaf did get a nerf in the last patch and i only feel he can be a pain when im playing ADC and he just rushes me down and we are unable to cc.

    I think the most OP champion is akali, she's a great mid and toplaner with a sick burst and chasing / escape mechanic. Most games i've played against her recently she ends up being really fed. Though a great counter is obviously buying and oracles :P
    it sucks that a lot of players don't know how to play against akali, that is nr. 1 reason why she snowballs all the time.

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    Just a joke at how much damage he does with the ability to be tanky in combination to him being hard to catch or inability to get away from.

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    As far as AP mid goes Ryze lategame is op

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    Vayne, as soon as she gets bork you can say goodbye to your team.
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    While I don't believe any champion is directly OP I do believe some are too powerful for too little skill/effort. Such as Pantheon/Nasus/Khazix/Fizz

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    anything with a global..

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    Jayce, Elise, Vayne, Lee Sin's mobility.

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    My main....Aatrox. He does literally the same thing as stated in his lore: He comes into a lost hopeless battle and turns the tides.

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    After this weekend of playing on my alt account...

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