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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxigen View Post
    After this weekend of playing on my alt account...

    Spear of death!

    Anyway, Trynd seems to be my bane right now. He whirls into 4 of us, we blow him up then UNDYING RAGE QUADRAKILL.

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    pls nerf
    Perfect Illusion

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    Cassiopeia me thinks, she just goes all pew pew pewwety pew,

    Get what I mean?
    This website LOL

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    Cassiopeia hard bot used to scare me, wow that combo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nocturnalz View Post
    Oh yes amumu, there is a reason he has a 67% ban rate in ranked. 1 bandage toss hit into an ult = Won teamfight
    Lol, must be why my cousin has deterred me from playing him. He looks so fun!!

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    Zilean bombs OP

    Like seriously... he's not a support really and if he can take advantage of an adc early, he wins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seani View Post
    Singed and cho are pretty OP, thought seani to himself trepiticiously.
    Seems like Blitzcrank & Cho'Gath to me. Haven't played against Singed that I remember.

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    Jayce, easily. Even with the nerf to his gate, he's still a fucking freight train with no breaks bearing down on your team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RikPlastik View Post
    Like the title says, what champion do you think is the most unbalanced/ overpowered?

    it has to be a tie between Yi or Morgana, the sad thing is neither of them will ever get a debuff, or atleast not in the near future.

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    Morg got nerfed a while back and hasnt been popular since, she struggles in the current tanky meta to do the same damage as other mages.

    The new Yi though is kinda sick, me and my friend played one game each on him on release day and both got pentakills.

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    Thresh imo, one freaking hook in the back of your teammate and woop!, teamfights fucked. Or the wonderful lantern jungle ganks; see a jarvan flying towards you with a lantern, then instantly jumping on you with his combo.

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    Yi right now and bruisers (J4, Panth, Lee, ...). Bruisers still do a lot of DMG and are very tanky. I play mainly ADC so I might be biased but I hate J4 who has a Warden's Mail.

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    Aatrox..... try laning against him as mid caster you will cry until you have no tears left....... cant even cs.... cause he will q and kill you (no really this happened to me 5 times on same guy)

    but srsly go check aatrox mid out guys its so broken lol you heard it first here folks!! in oceanic now Lol

    5172-1206-0622 pokemon FC Lets Battle!!

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    Mater Yi is really op right now, but in general i would select amumu or nasus to be the op champions

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    Probably Lee imo, Does everything every jungler can do, ridiculously strong early game, snowballs like crazy, reveals stealth (ok, I'm just nitpicking this but it can make a difference when that low hp Twitch tries to stealth away), can build almost anything on him, sustain, AS slow. I could go on but you get the point.

    This is coming from someone that plays him btw.

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    Teemo - as soon as you show up everyone wants to kill you :<

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    Kassadin is realy op when u feed him

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    Yi atm for me. So much damage in teamfights with just R+ Q + Q +Q +Q +Q

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    Fizz and Kassadin

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