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    I've been main spec elemental since about Heroic DS and prior to that I was main spec enhancement.

    At your level, it barely matters. Just level what's fun. I'd guess enhancement is easier to level from what I remember due to less downtime.

    Both specs are fine in PVE. Especially in 10 man. It is my personal opinion based off my own raid performance in a 10man that a good elemental shaman can keep up with or surpass any spec in the game. I'm often #1 or 2 on meters in a raid with what I consider a very good rogue and a very good warlock. As far as complexity, it is a bit more straightforward than enhance, but ascendance gives it a bit more fun and you really have to push every min/max, every trinket proc, every advantage you can to eek out the DPS and I think that's fun. ALSO, tons of guilds on my server are recruiting elemental shaman because of their raid buffs, especially spell haste, which I believe only Moonkins and Spriests provide.

    Enhancement is simming out to be the best melee single target DPS last I checked. It's a bit more complex than elemental, but at the end of the day a large part of your damage still comes from white attacks. It's much more twitchy, which is also fun.

    Also, it is a bit hard to repeatedly see "enchantment," and it's hard to take someone who can't spell the spec they're asking about so pay attention to the details. It'll server you well in game and in life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    Then honestly, if you aren't doing it right, and regard the proper rotation as boring - then I honestly wouldn't whine about the low dmg when it's your own fault. Oh and Fulmination is awesome, and a truckload of damage too at any point of the game - not using Earth Shock when at 5-7 Lightning Shield is a big fat mistake too, almost as big as casting LvB without FS.
    U don't understand what i mean. I know what i'm doing, i know about lightning shield charges, FS and so on. I talk about simple pve questing where mobs don't have many hp so it's unlikely that you get a full stack of lightning charges (for ES) or a proc for LvB. Outside of that it's only casting LB and that sucks because of the low damage.

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    thank you all for your great advices i will keep lvling in enhancement and see if it keeps getting better and will maby switch at lvl 90 if i want to try out the other 1

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