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    Heroic Protectors 10

    We're currently at a standstill on the boss, our current line up is- Tank-Prot Pally // Healers-Resto Druid and Holy Pally // DPS- Surv Hunter, Shadow Priest, Arcane Mage, Rogue, Frost DK, Two Ele Shamans.
    Our past attempts consisted of myself (Mage) and shadow priest working down the adds and we got far enough to look at final protector standing. Doing this, I have 0 DPS time on the boss other than refreshing a NT on the boss or so (since I have to apply/hit the add ASAP to put the slow onto them). Our stack management was 333-666-999-(Tank and frost dk) then healers. What I noticed was my stacks were about to drop so we're switching to the 333-666-888-(tank and frost dk 3) 9-9-9- healers. Circling back to my biggest concern is I think our dps was low and being arcane I destroy this boss fight, who should we have on add duty? I was leaning towards shadow priest and our Hunter. Sadly we don't have boomchickens or warlocks to make the fight easier. Our interrupts are onpoint and we stand in the middle to get the healing buff of course, we also use hand of purity on the raid members with the debuff. I'd appreciate any input on ANY part of our strat of course.

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    Hey we got our first kill on this boss in less than 10 pulls tonight.

    We had a warlock on adds the whole fight, mostly solo. At the start our mage helped him get up to 6 stacks. About half way through the 2nd boss he called our hunter in to help him. I think your best bet will be either the shadow priest, ele shaman or hunter. Try them out and see who handles it best. We have an arcane mage and he much preferred going on the boss.

    We did 666 > refresh when you need on the stacks. We had our warlock and mage go to 6, then our prot pally and a melee DPS to 6, then our other two melee 6. After that we let our hunter and SPriest take the remaining stacks, and made sure if someone needed to refresh their stacks they moved in and took one.

    As long as your interrupts are good and people don't drop their stacks its a pretty simple fight. Healing is a bit tough during the end of Kaolan, but just chain your raid CDs because the 2nd boss is regen time. During the 2nd boss you have to make sure the tank pops a CD and interrupts are good during the corrupted waters as the bosses get +75% casting speed. We had some attempts where our tank dropped to two fast lightning bolt casts cos our interrupts are derps.

    You said you got to the final protector so I don't really see why you're at a standstill. At that point you just lust and kill it. If you fail to kill him here it's for one of these reasons:

    -someone dropped their stacks at some point
    -adds reached the boss and you died (we stop killing adds when the boss is really low and just finish it, but they if they through early it'll put your healers behind)
    -your healers suck
    -water bolt went off (not instant wipe but can healing is hard enough here so don't do it)
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    Warlocks are great for this fight, their Curse of Exhaustion is wonderful on adds. If you don't have one available, I would suggest putting your hunter on the adds full time, simply because as of right now, hunter pets do not get the damage increase from stacks. On top of that, Concussive shot means the adds will be moving at 50% speed the entire time. Your hunter + Spriest should be able to handle adds, and the Spriest can even just drop to dotting adds once hunter has stacks. Tell your hunter not to use traps, as they will override any slows put on adds, and when the add leaves the trap, it will be moving at full speed until another slow is put on it.
    That being said, it really depends on who your highest DPS are usually - if it's the hunter and the Spriest, put them on bosses and let the mage do adds. It doesn't take that much DPS to kill the add, so you want your lowest generally on them.

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    Thanks for the input, I would love to have a lock on this fight but it looks like we're officially going to have the hunter and shadow priest on the adds while doing the 333-666-888-(Tank and frost dk 333)999-Healers. I thought our damage was a tad low on the bosses(on elite mode I'm usually destroying everyone since mages are pretty OP atm) when I was focusing on the adds and the few attempts we saw the final protector (we got there a handful amount of times not just one lucky attempt) noticed my stacks were going to drop (I believe I had 20 secs left or so) doing the 3-6-9 strat.

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