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    10M HC Blade Lord

    Thanks in advance for your input.

    We're having trouble surviving the second phase. (Running from one end of the hallway to the other.) Our raid is running a Disc. Priest, Holy Paladin and Resto Shaman. Heals feel too tight to two heal.

    Do you guys have any suggestions on surviving this run? Considering have Guardian Druid using Tranquility before the run, I think that would help. Not sure about what else to do.

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    Judging by your avatar, I suspect you play a warlock? So put a teleport from the middle of the room to the platform where he spins first. Have half of you raid use the portal and the other half using self cds for the run.
    Your shaman can save his htt for the moment you start running and everything should be fine.

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    Absolutely have your Guardian pop a Tranquility before you leave the for other end, wouldn't hurt for him to spec into HotW either. And like Keashaa said, put down a Gateway before pulling.

    As for the run back, have everyone start running to the other side on a slipstream when the boss hits ~11%.
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    (1) have your druid tranq once you get out of the tornados then roar for speed increase.
    (2) have your shaman drop healing tide halfway down on the first run - other healers can help healing while running, PWS spam, cascade, PoM, holy shock etc
    (3) have you priest spirit shell everyone prior to the second run

    we have a healer (disc) and one dps (boomkin) stay on the boss to push him below 10% while everyone else takes the slipsteam to the other end of the room. The druid and priest get another roar and dodge tonados while running the second time. The priest keeps himself and the druid up while the other two healers heal everyone at the far end of the room.

    So long as you are using a good healing CD (healing tide is awesome) for the first run and ppl are not getting hit by the tornados should be an easy kill.

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    Thanks for the advice guys. I was setting up Gateways, but found that (occasionally) people got hit by tornados while being ported? I thought that the warlock Gateway worked in a similar fashion to charge, not blink.
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    Make sure the entrance to the portal is halfway up the corridor, and the exit is snug up against the far end of the room. Then people won't port into tornados.

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    have your disc priest spirit shell before the 20% transition makes it mucho easier

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    Boss is dead, thanks for the input. Heart of the Wild tranquility doesn't do much against the steady stream of damage, but gave us enough wiggle room to make the run.

    The real saving grace was the Shaman's Healing Tide. I had him ghost wolf and run ahead of us and drop it in the middle of the room once someone was in range. Then, 3/4 of the way down I had him drop Spirit Link. Worked perfectly, didn't have to heal at all on the move (except lock stones) and the Spirit Link was far enough to hit stragglers but close enough to hit those at the boss. (The disc. priest as actually dead for the last 20%.)
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    Congrats on the kill - the second phase is annoying i talented my Resto to throw the HTT ahead of the raid as we ran, and utilized warlock portal with 4 DPS and 1 Healer (the resto druid) taking port to tranq at the end since tanks just never die there and the oter two healers were fine to survive and run

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    Have your resto shaman run ahead of the group slightly and drop healing tide in the middle.

    Edit: And I just read you killed it doing exactly that. Grats. We 2 heal it and relied on that half way with healthstones.

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