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    Cool Ruin (A) 10/16 HC, 11/12 ToT LF Ranged DPS!

    <Ruin> Alliance 10-man guild on Terenas EU realm.

    10/16 HC, 11/12 ToT LF ranged DPS.

    We consist of a bunch of friends who have raided together for a couple of years now. The guild is soon three years old. The most notable progress has happened since ICC (11/12 HC), Firelands (6/7 HC) & Dragon Soul (8/8 HC) to now, where the teams is the best it's ever been.

    We raid wednesdays, sundays and tuesdays from 19.45 to 23.00 game time (GMT+1).
    It is expected that you as good as master your class, know the boss fights and that you're fully prepared for each raid.

    We're looking for:

    Ranged DPS: Spriest or Mage prefferably, but Boomkin, Hunter and Warlock apps will also be considered!

    Add me on battle.tag: nibu#1344 for more information if you wish!

    You can apply at:

    Other sites of interest:
    - Word of logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/161517/
    - WoWprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/terenas/Ruin
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    Still looking for a healer!

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    Looking for a ranged DPS atm as well. See above.

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    Just downed Will HC with an off-healer. Could really use a decent pally, monk or druid healer still! :] www.ruinterenas.enjin.com

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    Hey guys, still looking for a healer and experienced ranged DPS for 5.2 ;-)

    See original post for classes and specs.

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    Now also looking for a tank, druid prefferably!

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    Looking for ranged DPS for 5.2 and onward!!

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    Looking for ranged DPS, mage or spriest prefferably!

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