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    Talking Your MMORPG "Home"

    Hey everybody, been thinking alot about MMORPGs recently (mostly because i can't PLAY any right now....stupid laptop), and I got to thinking about what MMORPGs really are; worlds.

    An mmorpg is a world, no matter how old (EQ2, DDO, WoW) or new (GW2, TERA, TESO) and i think we as gamers tend to forget about that after awhile. I mean think about it, what made us start playing MMORPGs in the first place? The world! We jumped in and saw the world and we were blown away.

    So, i decided to ask, what would be your "home" mmorpg? LIke idc how many mmorpgs you play, but which mmorpg makes you feel at home when you log in? And why?

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    WoW, only because of my guildies.

    I'm a bit depressed at the moment that I can't really play much this week or next.
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    Um I defently have to pick Braxis From Star Craft 2 Those would be my home.

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    pfft as if you care..
    early PSU or WoW during tbc

    everything else just feels like a chore

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    WoW was my first MMO and the one i have played the Most.. though i can't get myself to play it after trying out new MMO's

    i have grown bored of doing the same thing over and over for so many patches and i find the combat dull now that i have tried others

    Though i would say WoW is my home MMO, it's the one i know most about and have played the most

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    EverQuest, despite the fact that I'v stopped playing it almost 9 years ago. It was the only MMO I've experienced where people banded together from the very start because it was so unforgiving and thus a tight-knit community was formed. Overall, I'd say it was a combination of the small community, environment/lore, and music that made it a very special game to anybody that was lucky enough to experience it at launch. It's something not many players will ever experience in MMOs nowadays, which is really too bad.

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    Even though my first WoW acct. was back in Vanilla, and I got a bit into bc, it wasn't until I started playing on my current account in Wrath that I started playing an MMO seriously. So even though I find current WoW a better game from a mechanics standpoint (hell, ANY measurable standpoint imo), I always have a yearning to run circles in Dalaran, hoping that the next heroic will be Violet Hold which is still my favourite heroic, mainly because I like wave-style fights in games. Also, somewhat-random bosses!
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    Wow because i grew up with that game (been playing since i was 9...yeah). I know that world inside and out :|

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    Home? I suppose WoW is my home for now - with a particular love of TBC.

    As far as being blown away / that sense of wonder or awesomeness, I have to go with the original NWN on AOL back in the early 90's. It was the first of its kind on any sort of large (lol 500 people at a time) scale - an alternate world with other "live" people in it.

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