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    Incredibly slow youtube speed.

    Hello! I just don't get it. For some reason my computer buffers youtube videos in 720p and 1080p REALLY slow and I just don't get why.

    My computer is new and powerfull.
    I have a 100mbit connection. (http://www.speedtest.net/result/2490434127.png)
    My flash player, browser (chrome), and graphics card drivers are up to date.
    I have adblock for chrome turned on. (It doesn't make any difference).
    Clearing my cache for chrome didn't help.

    In my school we have way shittier computers then I have and they buffer 1080p in just a flash.

    I'm starting to get mad now....is there anyone who can help me?

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    It is a well known problem between Telia and Google/Youtube.
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    Good to hear there is a fix on the way. I can barely stream 360p atm where I am, completely ridiculous.

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    Finally someone else who can confirm it. If you right click on a video and just click to provide video information which is reporting your dl speed as well, here it's dropping to 0 kbps while there's barely anything buffered -_-

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    I disabled shockwave flash r602 in my chrome, and it seems to have fixed my buffer.

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    I can also say that this happens to me even with:

    my custom built PC (Intel SSD + i5 3570k)
    40mbps internet
    chrome w/ adblock

    So hopefully they fix this soon... seeing as it isn't something I have done.

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