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    The forgotten continent

    When the dust settles the elementals shall rule since elementals can't die anywhere for good besides their own zone.

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    Kalimdor. Because Isle of Quel'Danas is technically part of Kalimdor which is where Kil'jaeden is residing inside of Sunwell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xilurm View Post

    Did you guys forgot the "There must always be a Lich King"? and "Arthas held his forces back"?

    It has been said many time that if the Scourge is set free, nothing will survive. So what do you think happens when Dragons work with the Scourge?
    There must always be a Lich King only because Hogger didn't feel like wiping out the scourge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BleedingHollowVeteran View Post
    Kalimdor. Because Isle of Quel'Danas is technically part of Kalimdor which is where Kil'jaeden is residing inside of Sunwell.
    Wait, what?
    You're not allowed to discuss conspiracy theories on mmo-champion, which makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.

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    I'd lean towards Northrend, since it seemed like it took the combined might of EK & Kalimdor just to bring LK to a draw.

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    Northrend, they have walruspeople. With fishingpoles. You know how much damage a fishingpole does?

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    Quote Originally Posted by taurenburger View Post
    Northrend, they have walruspeople. With fishingpoles. You know how much damage a fishingpole does?
    Actually, I do. 6-10, with 2.5 DPS!
    Cave Cave Deus Videt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badhairday View Post
    Actually, I do. 6-10, with 2.5 DPS!
    They're all exalted with Kalu'ak, so it's 722-1085 Damage, with 301.1 dps
    You're not allowed to discuss conspiracy theories on mmo-champion, which makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrth View Post
    They're all exalted with Kalu'ak, so it's 722-1085 Damage, with 301.1 dps
    And therefore Northrend is going to win. If you can't see how insane this is, you must be blind.

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    My vote is EK with and im gonna list the disadvantages kalimdor , northrend, and pandaria have and the advantages EK has on each continent:
    Pandaria would lose because the main bulk of their army would be mantid, which can be countered by a giant can of bug spray that gnomes/forsaken can make. Mogu, individually, aren't really impressive but for a select few elites.
    Northrend wouldn't fare better in the EK because of humans being the paladin dominant race and we all know paladins, esp. Tirion, fighting on holy ground can decimate an entire undead army.
    Kalimdor would lose because too much of its continent is open battlefield and is a prime spot for undead armies and mantid armies to ravage it. And since most of kalimdor resources are spread out, once kalimdor loses its resources nodes it makes it more difficult than compared to EK where most Blacksmithing can continue inside Ironforge (which is damn near impenetrable once the front gates are shut and the tram sealed off)
    EK has better strategic Battlefield locations with a lot of choke points, which reminds me off the movie 300 (battle of Thermopylae). EK also has the most versatile races at its desposal, inc. humans, gnomes, and dwarves. Yes Kalimdor has the more "brutal" races in the orcs and tauren and even with nightelves and dranei i dont think it would be enough, and that's only if kalimdor isn't destroyed by undead or mantid armies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eowenn View Post
    Know what? I think I'm going to go into a lot of detail on this one. Lets consider some of the main aspects of war and see which comes on top.

    Major Strongholds: Kalimdor gets this round simply because their cities are easily defensible and have better placement. Consider the fact that they have both coasts covered with at least one major city, and have Thunder Bluff in the middle. Also, each of their cities could be fortified to be impenetrable (Especially Darnassus.) Northrend only has the middle of the continent, leaving it vulnerable to attacks from any direction, and the Eastern Kingdoms only has the west coast covered. Pandaria would likely fall in last place in this round, unless they were allowed to consider the Wandering Isle as theirs. I would then put them in 2nd place.

    Forces: I give this one a draw between The Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Since the cataclysm, both the dwarf and night elf population have been drastically decreased. However, The EK's have the Forsaken (which now has the Val'kyr,) and Kalimdor has the Tauren (who's strength and wisdom isn't given enough credit in WoW.) Northrend is far too weak still from the war against the Lich King, and Pandaria just doesn't have the population to go against any other continents. Also, Kalimdor would have a lot of elementals on their side!

    Resources: This one is for sure given to Kalimdor. With the massive forests, wood would never been an issue. The orcs and goblins could produce massive quantities of war machines that could not be matched by the other continents. Also, Kalimdor looks like it would have more farmland to produce food for their armies. The only advantage the other continents may have over Kalimdor in this category is it's access to fresh water, but hell, mages can make that shit anyways.

    Leaders: Again, this one would for sure be given to Kalimdor. If the races there put their differences aside and worked together, they would be unstoppable. Malfurion and Tyrande have wisdom and knowledge from living so long, and Velen's unlimited knowledge of the light would work well in their advantage, especially against their undead opponents. The strength of the Orcs and Tauren along with that would be an deadly combination.

    Magic: This may be a difficult category. All of the continents have different magics they use in war. Whether it's the arcane, or raising the dead, it is still one of the largest contributors. Personally, I would say that Pandaria wins this because of the Mogu. Their ability to bend flesh could serve them well to create an army. I would rank the Eastern Kingdoms first here, but to raise the dead, you have to kill it first.

    Geography: I would give this one to Kalimdor too. Eastern kingdoms would be my obvious choice, simply because of it's large bay areas that could be expended into massive harbours, but the only issue would be having the resources to do it. Kalimdor still has good areas that could be expended on by the water, but also has more habitable mountain ranges (Khaz'Modan is too cold) which could be used to their advantage. Also, if they were pushed back off of the main continent, they could regroup in Darnassus or at the Exodar.

    Overall: Kalimdor would be my first choice to win. It's combination of strong forces, superior leaders, and plentiful resources would make it a difficult army to defeat. Eastern Kingdoms comes in 2nd place, with its large number of forces, but badly placed cities and less resources. Northrend and Pandaria would tie for 3rd. They don't have as many strong holds, and are both weaker in forces now.

    TLDR: Kalimdor > Eastern Kingdoms > Northrend = Pandaria
    Love the insight but i disagree slightly on a few details:
    Stronghold: All of kalimdors strongholds are accessible by air so can be easily bombarded. the only true impenetrable fortress is Ironforge

    Resources: kalimdor would lose alot of their resource locations because most of kalimdor is an open battlefield where numbers play a factor and undead/mantid have a clear advantage, number-wise.

    Magic: Most of the prominent mages are human/blood elves so EK has the advantage in magic.

    Geography: Again, because Kalimdor is so open they are susceptible to larger armies which the undead of northrend or mantid of pardaria clearly have the advantage.

    Overall: My Overall would be Eastern Kingdoms>Kalimdor=Northrend>Pandaria

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurosendo View Post
    I was gonna say Northrend but God forbid Blizzard's Green Jesus loses or dies in this conflict. But if he does he'll just come back three days later...
    Jaina was 2 mins from putting Orgrimmar underwater

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badhairday View Post
    While all continents have their strong points, like The Scourge in Northrend, Thrall/Malfurion in Kalimdor, Plague + Sunwell boosted elves in EK and Mogu/Zandalari in Pandaria, I feel that the two continents with the highest possibility of winning would be Pandaria and Eastern Kingdoms.

    Bit more elaborate:

    Kalimdor: They have incredible amounts of resources, from the woods of Ashenvale & Feralas to the waters of Thousand Needles, but apart from resources their biggest ace is having Thrall and Malfurion. There aren't many Draenei or Troll around, and Goblins rarely really fight in close combat. Not too sure about Night Elves, but their strongest points are their evasiveness and (used to be) immortality. Outside of their forests I don't see the Night Elves as that big of a threat since they focus too much on guerilla warfare (they hardly wear armor and use Ents instead of catapults/tanks, pretty easily dealt with (FIRE!)). Malfurion and Thrall can wreck some pretty damn serious shit, but army vs. army I don't see the armies of Kalimdor standing up against other continents. Malf and Thrall seem to prefer acting as strategic leaders instead of going out on the battlefield anyway. The Draenei and Trolls are too few in numbers to really pose a threat. The Draenei has a Naaru, but, the Naaru VERY rarely engage in combat because they absorb the darkness around them. It wouldn't end with holy power decimating everything in it's path, it would end like M'uru turning against everyone. The Draenei wouldn't let their Naaru engage in combat at all, I think. The Orcs are strong and plenty, but seem to add about as much to the battlefield as Humans, and that is numbers and numbers only. Apart from having above average strength their forces have no real power (example: Plague) and even if combined with the other races I don't see them being strong enough to survive against the other continents, I'd put it on par with Northrend.

    Northrend: The Scourge, the Nerubians, the Vrykul. This continent has some of the bigger threats the world has seen, but apart from Scourge the others could be countered. What is a Vrykul against a Tauren or an Orc anyway? Bigger isn't always better either. To tell the truth I don't know too much about Vrykul and their powers beyond pure strength. Now, Nerubians. In their home environment they would be one of the nastiest races to deal with, being able to make cocoons of people and burrowing underground. But imo they're like the Night Elves and rely too heavily on guerilla warfare, and wouldn't stand that big of a chance above ground. If they stayed in their holes of Azjol Nerub they could hold out for a very long time. But I don't see them winning because of this. The Scourge is one of the major threats in all of this, assuming Bolvar would let them go rampage. They could put out some serious damage, especially to Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, but I don't see this continent prevailing due to the Scourge alone. When they were heavily present in EK and somewhat in Kalimdor (RFD), letting them go rampage would and could give them a win against these continents, but now they're pretty much restricted to Northrend, and have lost some of the major strong points of its army, Val'kyr.

    Eastern Kingdoms: Now we're getting there. Dwarven blacksmiths, Gnomish technology, Human numbers, The Sunwell and Elven magic plus the Forsaken with their Plague and Val'kyr. Just like Trolls/Draenei the Worgen aren't that many anymore (Guess that goes for belves too, but they at least have the Sunwell), so there's not much to be said about them. This makes for one of the best combination of races out there. If working together I can see this continent doing VERY well for itself, having the powers of Forsaken Plague, the Sunwell and just lots of numbers with superior technology and armor. Sylvanas strategic mind along with all of this I'd put them above Kalimdor and Northrend. Army vs army Kalimdor doesn't stand a chance. And what's better to counter the oncoming Scourge than other Undead and.. Tirion Fordring, one of the racial/faction leaders that actually goes out on the battlefield to get shit done. The Ashbringer is a major counter against the army of undeath.

    Pandaria: The endless forces of Mantid, the Mogu and Zandalari trolls make for what I believe to be the strongest continent. The Mogu are some of the (if not THE) physically strongest races on Azeroth, but as I said before it's not all about pure strength. Their biggest strength against EK/Northrend is their immunity against the plague. They are all about order, are ruthless and strong, AND the undead are nothing against them. Add in the huge trolls of the Zandalari, the goddamn Thunder King who (somehow) solely got the powers of Ra'den, and close to endless numbers of Mantid, with their Paragons having some pretty useful abilities. Pandaria is very alike Kalimdor, but on steroids, and they have better protection against undead forces + Thunder King. *edit* seems like I got it a bit wrong about the undeath part, Mogu are likely to be immune or at least be strong against it. Still counts!

    TL;DR Pandaria > Eastern Kingdoms > Kalimdor/Northrend.
    Just to add to your pandaria section...the bulk of a pandarian army would be the mantid, which can be killed off by a giant can of bug spray that can easily be created by gnomes/forsaken. I don't think the mogu and trolls of pandaria exist in enough numbers to truly overrun anybody without the mantid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitetroll View Post
    Lots of good responses to this thread, but some things are thoroughly overlooked... I've voted Kalimdor, and here's some additional stuff that haven't recieved enough attention.

    Forces of AQ - raid-bosses aside (C'thun vs Algalon vs Sha of Fear vs LK vs etc etc...), the army that was once locked in AQ and got released at the sound of the gong is probably only comparable to the Scourge and maybe the Mantids. However the Mantids of Pandaria have been held in check by pandas while the forces of AQ required a combined effort of all "good" races including the Bronze Dragonflight - keepers of time!.

    Elemental planes - Pandaria might be good fighters, but how will you engage the other continents without a wind to power your boats? The elemental plane of wind is located in Kalimdor (Throne of the four winds or whatever it's called - and Thunderaan ofc!). How will you burn anything when the elemental plane of fire is also located in Kalimdor(Mount Hyjal) - MC is just a "temple" for Ragnaros. Fire will also be one of the only things that destroys undeads, making Kalimdor capable of dealing with the scourge (which might otherwise only be possible for the Lightbringers of EK).

    So in conclusion - Kalimdor will win because of...

    Forces of AQ
    Elemental planes of fire and wind
    Malfurion/Thrall combo
    Bronze Dragonflight - keepers of time! (seriously, how will you fight someone who controls time? - they do have their counter-parts in Wotlk, but we all know who won those encounters, right? :P )
    Goblins are much more suicidal than their gnome counterparts, thus they have a higher chance of making an ultimate doomsday device.
    Corruption of the Emerald Dream - if this could be harnessed into a weapon, it would be hard to see anyone countering it. Lore-wise only druids have done so, and all druids are tied to Kalimdor (Lore-wise - I know EK-races can pick druids but you have to admit it suits the Kalimdor-races better - and Moonglade is in Kalimdor as well).

    The only thing Kalimdor lacks is maybe the power of arcane magic. EK has Medivh/Karazhan/Sunwell and Northrend has Kirin Tor.

    PS: The biggest chance of failure for Kalimdor lies within it's own ranks. IF they ever got all of the races to peacefully co-exist, clearly they would be too engaged in the biggest question of all to even notice what went on in the rest of the world until it was too late:
    Where is Mankrik's Wife?!
    (The answer is obvious - 42!).

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    I'm fairly certain worgens would count as part of EK, so that might be a bit wrong
    Ill take the tacticians Varian/Sylvanas over the often pacifist nature of Malfurion and Thrall. You dont go to Malfurion or Thrall if you wanna win a war.
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    I should point out the first two rules of the Book of War by Montgomery Of Lordaeron

    Do not march on Ice Crown Citadel.
    Do not go fighting with your land armies in Pandaria.

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    EK by far, jsut because of the scourge, the undead, the pest... EK pretty much shows the old Europe with the pest...

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