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    [Comics] Superior Spider-Man Review and Discussion

    Any other fans of Spider-Man around here? If you haven't read him in a while, there's been some big chances with Marvel's flagship character lately -- namely the big controversy over Amazing Spider-Man #700 with writer Dan Slott.

    If you've been living under a rock for the past 3 months or so, here's the deal: Doctor Octopus has taken over Peter Parker/Spider-Man's body. We're up to issue #3 of this predicament now and although I was apprehensive about the whole ordeal at first, the concept is starting to grow on me.

    And of course, there's the whole Mary Jane thing: If Doc Ock is in Spider-Man's body and he does the dirty with Mary Jane, what is it considered? Molestation? Rape? Here's a review of the latest issue with links to the previous two in it for those who want to catch up:

    Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #3

    What are everyone's thoughts? Cheap marketing ploy as I also thought at first, or an interesting exploration into the subtle nuances between Ock and Peter Parker?

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    I'm okay with the concept and can make for some fun arcs while it lasts (let's not kid ourselves by thinking this is going to be permanent and that Amazing Spider-Man won't ever be sold again). But so far it has been pretty poorly written, and Spider-Ock has been inconsistent as a character.

    They sure didn't take long to add Peter's ghost as the back door to return to the status quo. Would have been more hilarious if they instead would reveal that he turned out to be another clone all along.

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    I'm kinda avoiding the books atm IDK I haven't ever been a big spider-man fan but I might pick up the trade if it peaks my interest.

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    I thought the Amazing Spider-Man #700 was pretty good. I thought the way Peter died was interesting. I've never seen that before in a comic was I open to the idea. Even though Peter Parker died he'll be back within six months, death is dead in comic books. There's actually a really good video on YouTube called The Death and Return of Superman. Which talks about how Superman killed death in comic books.

    I read Superior Spider-Man #1 but I haven't read any other ones yet. I liked #1 until the last page when Peter Parker's force ghost stopped Doc Ock from killing that member of the new Sinister Six. I just thought that was really lame. Did they really have to have his ghost stop him? They could have just made it all in Doc Ock's head like Peter's mind was still there in a way.

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    As a story arc it could have been interesting, as a major comic book title, one that as long as Dan Slott is about will remain permanent, it is a complete and utter failure. It's fun reading the fan mail in the back of the issues because it's just people complaining and saying they're abandoning the series if it continues, and the marvel editor says something along the lines of "well, you say that, but we'll see if you mean it when the sales figures come in"...which is smart I guess, but antagonistic and arrogant. I haven't bought an issue since 692? I think? When he got the sidekick Alpha? Who was sidelined so damn quick after all the fuss Marvel made about him, I'm just hoping this Spiderock storyline is similarly put to rest quickly.
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