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    [Bio] Erdin “Trueshot” Greybeard

    Name: Erdin “Trueshot” Greybeard

    Age: 109

    Race: Ironforge Dwarf

    Gender: male

    Class: Sharpshooter/Gunman

    Appearance: Erdin is quite a regular dwarf; he has a bit more tan than his fellow dwarf and has a fairly short beard and short hair. If his hair grows to long he wears a little braid, but his beard is always cut short and held in 2 portions by 2 silver rings. He has a scar of a nearly fatal blade wound just above the location of his heart. He wears light armor, adorned with earthen and titan motives and formerly the Argent crusade’s crest. He is nearly always smoking his pipe, which is hanging from the corner of his mouth. It is a small pipe of horn and burl wood with a ceramic pot and seems very old. His Armor is nearly covered by a grayish blue coat, around which lots of holsters with flintlock guns are strapped. He carries one huge long barrel on his back, which is a beautifully crafted weapon also adorned with earthen figures.

    Personality: Erdin has seen many wars and is tired of the conflicts. He tries to settle every fight he encounters and is constantly trying to prevent violence between fellow mortals. He only raises his weapons if he is forced and against demons or the Twilight (and formerly the scourge.). He tries to be open minded towards everyone and has a strong dislike of drinking. He has a certain faith into the Holy Light and all it’s appearances, as well as in Ancestor worship, he is interested in animism but is not fully convinced. Since he turned to the life of a traveler, he shed some of his beliefs that all conflicts are negotiable.

    Likes: Diplomacy, helping to restore and uphold peace, freedom, the Mountains of Dun’Morogh, smoking

    Dislikes: Prejudice, warmongering, demons, Warlocks (to an extent), Cultists, drinking.

    Strengths: Extraordinary marksman, good craftsman(maces, guns) very collected

    Weaknesses: short winded, heavy smoker

    Erdin was born into a little Ironforge clan and fought in all big wars the dwarfs had since his birth. At first he grew the hate against their enemies but unlike most he discovered that most of the time the enemies were just mortals and not that different than the dwarves. He kept this mostly to himself. Between the second and third war he was nearly stabbed to death by a drunken dwarf due to an argument concerning his beliefs (that is why he hates excess drinking) He was saved by the magic of a human paladin. During the third war he was with Muradin’s forces in Northrend, and held the tunnels together with Baelgun Flamebeard’s men after Muradin’s “death” until the assault on Northrend began. Erdin joined the Argent forces and saw the wonders of the light and helped storm Icecrown Citadel. Afterwards he shed the name of his Clan and adopted his second name to Greybeard, to emphasise his neutrality. He still has his heart with Ironforge but he wants to serve the greater good. He stayed is in service of Tirion Fordring and his crusade and tried to mediate between Alliance and Horde as much as he was able to. With the Shattering, he saw the tensions rising again and left the Argent Crusade to see the World once again. Nobody knows why he left his fellow knights and shed their symbols. But many think that it was because the efforts to unite Alliance and Horde never really succeeded. So some claim Erdin just called it quits and is now earning his money as a mercenary.

    ((quick copy pasta from my secret stash of Bio ideas, I may add more))
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