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    Question Change character select/armory background?

    Hello fellow MMOers,

    So now a days we can change the list of wich char stands 1 - 2 - 3 etc.

    But what im still bothered with is that we cant set our own background to the char select/armory

    For example the Goblin or Blood Elf backgrounds are too fluffy to be evil, and i play evil characters (Horde!!)

    When i play my Goblin Rogue i see the stupid flower-based-jungle background, while i rather would see red/dark Orgrimmar for example.

    That counts the same for my Orc Warrior, Troll got a new new one > but my Orc is still standing on the stupid no real background rock..

    Would you like the option that you can change the background in character select, that would also apply to the armory?

    I know its a little thing wich u dont see that often, but still .. i dont think it would take too much time to implent something like this.



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    One thing I liked about other MMOs (for example Warhammer) was how all of your characters showed up on the character selection screen in like a grouping and you selected the one you wanted to play out of the group. I think it would be pretty cool if WoW did this. Only issue obviously would be where your Horde characters would stand and where your Alliance would stand.

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    Sure, why not.

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    Given it should be a main priority but yeah, why not.
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    That would be a nice change, though I've grown pretty damn accustomed to the Night Elf background after playing my hunter since 2005, haha.

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    Ye i can imagen, but you dont HAVE to change the background, just a few backgrounds to choose from would be nice.

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    I like the idea of allowing your toons to be standing there and you click the toon you want to play... Horde on one side Alliance on the other... toons that have yet to pick faction side in the center
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azerox View Post
    i play evil characters (Horde!!)
    the horde are not fucking evil go away
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