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    Denial [A]- Trollbane: Recruiting a tank or melee dps!

    Denial is currently recruiting a tank or melee dps for one of its 2 10 man raid teams.
    While anyone is welcome to contact me we would prefer:
    Melee dps: Enhancement Shaman, Warrior, Ret Paladin (please do at least 60k dps)
    Tank: Warrior, Paladin, Monk (please have a viable dps offspec)

    Our current raid members are:
    Blood DK
    Frost/Blood DK
    Holy Paladin (Me)
    Resto Druid
    Holy/Shadow Priest
    Combat Rogue
    Survival/BM Hunter
    Arcane/Fire Mage
    Shadow Priest

    We are currently 6/6MSV and 2/6HoF and making progress on Garalon (the other raid group has recently killed Garalon).
    (In the past we have been able to clear all normal modes prior to the next tier as well as get a taste of a heroic boss or two).

    We raid Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-10:30 pm eastern.

    The goal of our guild is to provide people with a place to raid on a lighter schedule and still focus on progression during raid time. Outside of raiding you will see people running heroics, playing alts, doing pet battles, and any sort of activity.

    If you feel we would be a good fit for you please contact me (Lorol on Trollbane) here or in game or apply at http : // denial .guildlaunch. com!

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    We are still searching for a tank or melee dps

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    We are still searching for a tank or melee dps! Would also consider recruiting a warlock

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    Still looking for a competant tank or dps to fill our raid team

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