The Defiant was created by a core group of friends that have been playing online games for years with the sole aim to provide a fun, helpful and progressing environment for all of it's members. We have players from all around the world, but the common language spoken is English and the common goal is to help each other and progress within the realms of World of Warcraft.

Now recruiting for our Throne of Thunder raids!

The Defiant is a level 25 guild looking to recruit all classes to raid Throne of Thunder,

Resto Druid.
Holy Paladin
Balance Druid

Please apply on our website,

As more and more guilds seem to be reducing down to 10 man raids it is quite often frustrating coming online and waiting for a spot to find the raid is full with the same people...even if you have more experience or better gear and ilvl.

The Defiant is starting out with aim of recruiting people for a 10 man raid team, so there is opportunity for talented players who are willing to dedicate their time to us. In return we provide a mature environment. We will supply available guild repairs, Flasks and Feasts along with all guild perks and Ventrilo.

Additionally we are happy to take applications for social and leveling spots.... just whisper DarkChas / Wishez / Modena Ingame for anymore information.

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