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    Best PS3 Game.

    When I first bought my PS3 the games at the time were very mediocre at best like Motorstorm, THP8, Call of Duty 3 and more. There was only roughly 20 of them out and they had a cost of $59.99 - 69.99 + tax. So I bought a few and then switched to PC gaming but a few years later I bought a few more like MW2 and GTA 4. Once again I quit to play some PC. But recently I'm having the urge to come back and try the PS3 greatest games.

    So my question is if you had to pick one out of the seven years PS3 has been out which one would you pick and why. Here's some of the games to give you an idea of what kind of level of fun I'm talking about:

    • Uncharted
    • God of War
    • Little Big Planet

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    Probably the Uncharted series, loved it a lot.

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    ps3 has no games :P
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    infamous 1 and 2
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    I know I'm gonna get flamed for this but... Final Fantasy XIII. I loved it. Still need to get around to playing XIII-2. lol

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    God of War
    Gran Turismo 5

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    Honestly. I'm not sure.

    Both Infamous and Uncharted series are amazing games.
    But Uncharted gameplay drains you because of how it operates.
    Infamous is great, but repetitive.
    Red Dead Redemption is another game you need to play, but I'm not sure if it is only on 360 and Ps3
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    Objectivly it's between dark souls and mgs4. Subjectivley, eternal sonata, nier, and kh hd 1.5 remix super omega kawaii desu edition.

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    Recently I would have to say Farsight's Pinball Arcade has been pretty good. Since I'm 34 and you can't find regular pinball tables around much anymore being able to play the tables I played in the Arcades as a kid has been pretty awesome.

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    Red Dead Redemption was an amazing game and one of the few multi-platform games that looked better on the PS3 than on the 360.

    If you want exclusives, then as already mentioned you want the Uncharted series and Infamous 1+2.

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    Well if you don't already have it for the PC or 360 you could get Far Cry 3. It's pretty great, even on the PS3.

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    The God of War series.
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    Shadow of the Colossus + Ico HD collection. It's definitely a must play. Sly Cooper is a fun series. Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are some of my favorite games.

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    I've never understood the love Shadow of the Colossus gets. It was mehtastic at best with some control issues.

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    Valkyria Chronicles
    Disgaea Games
    Infamous Series
    DMC HD Collection, 4
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    Silent Hill
    Beyond Good and Evil 2
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII
    The Last Guardian
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    Quote Originally Posted by obdigore View Post
    I've never understood the love Shadow of the Colossus gets. It was mehtastic at best with some control issues.
    Yeah, I felt the same way the first hour I played the game....then I never wanted it to be any other way. I fell in love with controlling Agro, and the atmosphere that game produces definitely wasn't mehtastic.....then again this is my opinion, not yours

    Demon Souls is pretty awesome (haven't beaten it yet nor have I played Dark Souls), MGS4 is an instant classic (so much love for this franchise) and the Team ICO hd collection blew my mind.

    Haven't really played much else. (FFXIII, wasn't bad bad....but that's all I'll say).
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    No one even mentionned the best one......Heavy Rain, its an amazing game srly REALLY REALLY nice.

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    I personally enjoyed Killzone 2 when that released. Felt real gritty.... nothing amazing but I personally felt it was a good fps

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