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    Pointers for my resto druid? :)

    Heya folks, haven't really played my resto druid in a while, been really busy with my pally lately =3 Anywho, don't spose somebody would mind taking a look at my druid and seeing what I could do to improve my druid a little bit so I can get back into raiding?


    There's my armory. Quit a month or so into the launch of MoP, whenever it was the first raid had just come out so I'm assuming some of what I was doing back then is probably outdated. Anyway, any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated

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    Everything seems fine.
    You might wanna change Cenarion Ward to Nature's Swiftness untill 5.2 (personal opinion), enchant your legs. Also, reforge out of haste instead of crit untill you can reach the first haste breakpoint, change your gem in your legs to a 320 spirit.

    Only things I can come up with

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    You're too high on spirit for that gear level. I'd regem some of the pure spi to haste+(stat) where (stat) is spi/int/mastery until you hit the first haste breakpoint (3043/7.16%). Personally I'd want to end up around 7-8k SPI. If, after regemming, you still have tons of spi I'd gem int, mastery or some combination.

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    Alright, thanks Just in time for a raid tonight too =3

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    he has a passive spirit trinket, so his spirit will show a little higher and be ok

    resto gearing is easy

    3043 haste
    rest mastery
    however much spirit you feel comfortable with

    that's it

    edit: forgot to check glyphs and talents.

    go to talents are usually incarnation and then either HotW or NV. SotF is very situational.
    definitely drop rejuv glyph, as nourish is completely useless and should never be cast, ever. pick up regrowth 100% crit glyph, and use regrowth over HT also. (so yes, you will never use HT or nourish. they're bother terrible).
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    A few things: Id change glyphs somewhat, glyph of rejuv is almost pointless considing how weak nourish is right now. Glyph of regrowth is quite good since crits = 30% "extra" from living seed. The hot portion of RG is really weak anyway, good riddance. Statwise your first prio should be getting the 3043 breakpoint, then going for spirit>master>crit>more haste.
    Alot of people say "as much spirit as you are comfortable with", but imo that was more valid back in Cata and before. We used to have manaregen from Replenishment for keeping LB up, thats lost now. Our only mana regen besides spirit is innervate and cooldowns from other players. We get nothing "free" like back then. After having killed 10 bosses on hc I'm still stacking spirit as my main stat with no end in sight. For some fights spirit is less needed, but unless you want to reforge anew for every encounter I would keep stacking spirit.

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    I forgot to add: if you can afford it, get the dmc trinket. Its really good, and is really cheap on some realms. Worth every penny. High uptime of the spirit buff and nice int.

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