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    End of season gearing

    Hi forum,

    I'm currently struggling with the idea of waiting 1 week with spending conquest so I can get my t1 weapon, the issue is that I'm rocking a solid 327k health and I need to lose the contenders and pve items as fast as possible, keeping in mind the higher ilevel at the start of the next season.

    I can't link my armor yet so I'll give you my name and realm.


    What do you guys reckon I'd do?

    EDIT: Right now I feel like improving my gear as fast as possible, but I'll punch my face in if I don't get the weapon next week :/
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    get the waepon the pvp on it is essential for any pvp and plus then the expensive is done and the rest of the pieces will come fairly quickly

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    Just stock up on justice and honour ready for next season. There's really nothing you can do.

    Upgrade conquest pieces (instead of buying new ones) because upgraded conquest pieces are nearly as good as the new tyrannical gear, while un-upgraded pieces are basically on par with the honour gear.

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    I dont think 5.2 is out *that* soon - they still have a lot of things to work out on PTR. Even by conservative estimates it wont be here for at least 3-4 weeks.

    I strongly recommend getting the weapon, and getting the offsets first and upgrading those. 2/2 upgraded malevolent now is said to be better than the honor malevolent in 5.2. So get malev bracers, belt, cloak, boots etc and upgrade them fully. You can use your current honor to slowly build a Dreadful set.

    Assuming you are gonna cap each week at 1800 (or more), you'll wanna get the cheaper Tyranical pieces first (glove, shoulder) and build up your 4-set from there.

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    Wont be out that soon
    And as far as we know, you cant stock on conquest points, only honour, so might as well spend them on malev
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    Conquest and Valour are being converted to Honour/Justice points at the start of 5.2 so you mine as well spend your points on upgrading gear or completing your set in the time being. Or save them up to make some extra gold I guess. =P

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