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    And where the hell do you get that much energy? That's stupid. You think he won't trinket or use defensive CDs? No just no.
    stupid? how so? i can fraps some fights and show u if u want. plus i never said all this happenes for like 5 secs....also i said it for ideal situation, think i pointed it out clearly, also i throw gouges and blinds from time to time, also about the energy...SnD? Arcane Torrent?...
    anyway ill stop here couse arguing like this is pointless...

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    First and last warining. Keep tones down.
    Why worry about the future when you can just asfatatotl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sneakyfk View Post
    All i want to know is how can a rogue kill healers these days? they instant heal insane non stop, my favorite is the monk i love that class it is op as hell, so patch will be out soon, rogues that play ptr can pls tell me how can they kill there healers, i really wont to know, or any other class for that matter?
    If as a rogue you cant kill a healer you must be the worst player i have ever seen. They cant outheal you with instants only, they will go oom if they cast their fast heals, and you should easily interrupt their long heals.

    Also, they hits for a lot less than you can heal yourselve, so they dont have a chance at killing you.

    DPS should not be able to one shot healers 1 vs 1.

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    I solo healers easily. You shitrogues need to stop overlapping CCs n learn about DR n pooling

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