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    Slowing down in dps during fights

    So I've been playing a lock for many years now and have always played affliction. Now when I start a fight I usually burst up 115-120k dps. Over the course of the fight however, i usually slow down to about 65-70k at the end. My question is, should I be that much lower by the end? I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or have stats messed up. I start raids friday and want to be the best I can right off that bat. Thanks for any input.

    Here's my armory: us.battle.net/wow/en/character/mugthol/Dorud%C3%A8/advanced

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    Going by your armory this seems it may be a case of your gear more than anything else, though you should still be able to finish a bit higher than 65k.

    For myself personally, I noticed a massive difference between ilvl 480 and 490, much more so than any other gap that size in gear.

    You could also try bringing your Haste up to the 4717 breakpoint and get your extra DoT ticks and see if that helps.
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    Sounds about right for your gear. The beginning of a fight is where everything procs, with every cooldown up, so your DPS usually go down until 20%, then go slightly up during execute phase. Just make sure you're lining up DS:Misery with procs (if you know it's coming) or use on cd otherwise, and save shards for during misery and/or when procs stack.

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    It would really help if I had any luck getting weapons to drop. I got the offhand from Blade Lord and nothing else.

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