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    ★ 12/16 H ★ ________________ LF Warlock

    <Marshmallows> is 12/16 heroic in tier 14 - with multiple server firsts under our belt, including a realm first Heroic Will of the Emperor kill.

    Our warlock is likely about to accept a job offer that will make it difficult for him to continue raiding with us, and we are seeking a new warlock to join our raid core.

    We are a 10 man group, raiding 3 days a week, with a focus on heroic progression.

    Currently Wowprogress has us ranked #147 among US 10 mans.

    We cleared all Cataclysm tiers while they were still current, going 13/13H before patch 4.2, 7/7H before patch 4.3, and 8/8H before 5.0.

    What We Need

    1 Warlock
    (Possibly open to recruiting an amazing prot paladin as well)

    Website: http://marshmallowsguild.com
    Server: Moonrunner (US-PVE)
    Format: 10 man raiding
    Faction: Alliance (server is Alliance-dominated)
    Loot: EPGP
    Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/mo.../marshmallows/
    WoWProgress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/...ting.tier14_10
    Guildox: http://www.guildox.com/go/g.asp?n=Ma...=Moonrunner-US


    Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6 H
    Realm first Heroic Will of the Emperor

    Heart of Fear: 5/6 H

    Terrace of Endless Spring: 1/4 H

    Multiple Server First Kills in Cataclysm, including, but not limited to,
    Realm first Heroic Madness
    Realm first Heroic Spine
    Realm first Heroic Ragnaros
    Realm first Heroic Sinestra
    Realm first Heroic Nefarian
    Realm first Heroic Cho'gall

    Raid Schedule

    Friday: 8PM - 12AM PST
    Saturday: 2.30PM - 6.30PM PST
    Sunday: 3PM - 7PM PST

    If you are EST, that would be Friday: 11PM-3AM, Saturday: 5.30PM-9.30PM, Sunday: 6PM-10PM
    If CST, then it's Friday: 10PM-2AM, Saturday: 4.30PM-8.30PM, Sunday: 5PM-9PM

    About Us

    We understand that you want to find a guild that is right for you. Here I've compiled a list of some of our attributes - if this is what you're looking for, then perhaps <Marshmallows> is the guild for you.

    Hardcore raiding attitude
    We're good players. We're progression-oriented. We are always pushing for a new kill. Many of us rank on WoL frequently.
    Casual raid schedule - 3 days a week
    Whatever the reason - whether it's because you already did the 5 day a week thing and burnt out, or you simply don't have the time - you like the idea of raiding only 3 days a week. Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and our schedule allows us all 4 days off to miss each other.
    Efficient raids
    We raid only 3 days a week, but when we do raid, we take it seriously. Start on time, end on time, no extended afks or pointless downtime. We do not wish to waste your time or ours.
    Positive and friendly raid environment
    We're all friendly, mature, sane, and well-adjusted individuals. Therefore we don't believe in screaming or name-calling during raids. We expect you to play well and learn fast, but we are not going to nerd-rage at you if you make a mistake.
    Not only are we laid-back people, but many of us have been friends for a long time. We get along. We like playing together. There's no drama here to speak of.
    Stable, Not a one-hit wonder
    This 10 man was formed in the days of ToC. We went on to achieve ToGC Insanity, ICC frostwyrms, and killed H LK together. Our core has been together for more than 3 years now. This is a stable group.
    Extremely Low Turnover
    In the 2 years that we raided in Cataclysm, we lost only 3 raiders, all to real life demands. We're mellow people in a chill group progressing in a low-stress way, and people are happy here.

    Any questions, comments, please feel free to make a lvl 1 on Moonrunner and whisper me - Laetitiia - anytime. I will be happy to chat.
    If I'm not online, please whisper Tust, or Grapefruit.

    If you wish to app, http://marshmallowsguild.com/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=11 is the direct link. Don't be afraid to go in-depth and add extra information, the suggested format is just a guideline.
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    Still looking for a warlock

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