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    Quote Originally Posted by Decklan View Post
    Had one guy on my realm get Galleon's mount the other day. Me mounted up on it and everything to show everyone and was like "Cool, I know it's super rare, but it's ugly as fuck".

    If I'd known there was so much controversy over it I would have taken a picture.

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    Except that there were no pictures of it except from the PTR, and nobody had it on the armory. Even Blizzard themselves said it was not dropping and they needed to apply a hotfix.
    Blizzard never said anything about that.
    Constructions ftw.

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    I know the Sha mount for sure exists. Character name Boll on the Cenarion Circle realm (US).

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    This is outdated. There was a hotfix and shortly after the mounts started to drop. The first "reported" mounts turned out to have dropped right that day or shortly after.

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    I read some pages on this thread, but not really what I wanted to see.

    Is there some info on a rough drop rate for these mounts (talking about Oondasta and nalak one as well ofc)?

    I suspected and got confirmed from the first page posts that wowhead can't track the rolls since for instance sha doesn't drop anything except the claw of anger on the first kill, it's the players who get stuff in their bags, and if you check EVERY single item of sha has 0,04% drop rate, not only the mount.

    All I know is, on wowhead there are reports of like 1 person getting sha mount everyday (which seems the easier to farm due to the respawn and easiness of the boss) which is around what happened once onyxia drop rate was buffed to 1% in December, but considering that 40 people get a chance to loot that mount every group, even on a small realm like mine, I find really odd to not have seen a sha mount yet, if it were an 1% drop, in 2-3 kills at least 1 person would have it.

    I had people linking galleon mount but after checking armory they didn't have it, only saw a friend of mine actually getting the Oondasta mount, so I'd expect a sub 1% drop rate for all of these, but can't tell if it could be 0,05% or 0,2-0,3% like onyxian drake was originally (which is an ENORMOUS difference when you're a mount collector and kill bosses on all chars for this stuff).

    So anyone has any rough idea of the drop rate or another way of tracking which still works despite of the loot system?

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