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    Really could use some help with HM Will.

    Hello, my raid team has seriously been struggling on H Will, and I have come here seeking help.
    Our comp is as follows:
    Prot Pally
    Prot Warrior
    Resto Druid
    Disc Priest
    Arcane Mage x 2
    Fury Warrior
    Afflic Lock
    Ele Sham

    We are having trouble being able to soak the sparks. We have tried just about every combination of people soaking the sparks, but are still unable to get the boss to 50% without someone dying, not being able to soak a spark properly, and still being behind on damaging the boss. Healing is not a problem, and neither is the tanks being able to get the strikes correctly. What would be a good order of soaking where we will be able to effectively get the adds down, and still being able to get some time on the boss. Thanks in Advance!

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    what.. you have trouble with the sparks..?

    i do that with my LFR geared rogue on HC evry week to help out >.<

    rogue + fint = win :|

    let the rogue spamm fok to slow adds then find to soak , with pre he can double soak them with cloak ^^

    The only adds he will not do is the ones from the mobs with shield that spawn from the side , but for that we take our shadow or hunter ^^

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    so here's an idea

    rogue on every strength

    first rage set (5)
    1. prot pally
    2. warlock
    3. mage
    4. mage
    5. gonna have to get creative for this one, but could have warrior maybe take one with personals and disc could PS someone and take it

    Your ele sham could take courages with astral shift + disc bubble but will need to be at full health

    if you can get past that first wave with everyone up you should be ok

    every rage wave after (3)

    1. warlock
    2. mage
    3. mage

    rogue stays on strengths, shaman on courages.

    Its not the best comp but you should be able to make it work. If you find the 5th wave hard to deal with on the first set you could MAYBE try:

    1. kill sparks
    2. prot pally
    4. mage
    5. mage

    but you risk the lock/mage/mage not having cds up. Its also a very small window for mages to soak with invis (3 sec) so you need to be exact.

    Good luck, hope you get a kill.

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    Rogue soaks all rage sparks, one mage soaks strength, the other soaks the courage sparks.

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