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    Nether Tempest GCD before using Alter Time

    So, I have a little bit of an issue i'm trying to solve.

    I'll RoP/Images/Pre-pot/Nether Tempest/Start getting AB to 6 stacks, once I reach 6 stacks I have about 1 second left on NT, i'll refresh it, then I have to wait the 1sec gcd for nether tempest before hitting my arcane power/alter time/cast arcane missiles macro. But...from watching other mages they NEVER have to wait for the gcd for nethertempest and missiles starts channeling right as they hit the macro...and mine doesn't :/

    Am I missing something? It feels like sitting around waiting for the gcd before hitting the macro feels like an eternity. and most of the time it seems like Im getting more damage and dps hitting alter time, refreshing tempest, missilex2, abarr.
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    Arcane power doesn't cost a GCD.

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    I know it doesn't. It's not a matter of arcane power.

    The tl;dr version of my post is:

    At 6 stacks, I'll refresh NT since it's close to falling and i'm about to pop my ap/altertime/cast missiles macro, and if I do not wait for the GCD of tempest and hit the macro, I do not cast missiles, and I waste 1sec of alter time and cannot get the full combo off. My latency is 95-100 (From Toronto, Can) so what I don't understand is how some mages can pull what I'm trying to do off, as if the GCD from nether tempest doesn't even...exist. I'm forced to wait 1 second after refreshing tempest, before hitting CD macro, and some mages hit it RIGHT after and it channels missiles.

    Edit: I guess this wasn't really a tl;dr version, lol. xD
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    There's nothing wrong with that.

    You have to refresh NT before hitting this macro because you don't want to have to refresh NT during this. If you refresh it and dont wait for your GCD, you loose DPS too cause you wont be casting arcane missile and you'll loose AP/AT uptime.

    If some mage use it straight away its because they do not refresh NT before, and thats not a good thing.

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    Confirming what Eihwaz said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tezra View Post
    So, I have a little bit of an issue i'm trying to solve.

    I'll RoP/Images/Pre-pot/Nether Tempest/Start getting AB to 6 stacks,
    your opener is wrong, it should be like this RoP/Images/Pre-pot/AB/NT/6 charges/refresh bomb/ alter time macro

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    You should pre-pot before/while using mirror images. It'll increase their damage. Reapply nether tempest with arcane power and other cooldowns up, wait for the GCD to finish, then press alter time. Is what I do. I'm not 100% sure if it's better to use all cds with alter time, or use it 1 gcd before later time, so the new nether tempest gets full benefit of it. But it feels right. Though I tend to mix it around a bit.

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