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    Weak Auras help

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to make some icons to track my buffs, they have to appear only when they are almost ready to use (like 5 seconds) and keep showing them until I use them. Then, they have to hide and then they have to show up again when they are almost ready to use again. Some glowing and pulse animation effect would be nice too.
    It's my first time using this addon and I can not configurate the settings the way I needed. Thanks in advance!

    Ps: Sorry for my bad english

    Edit: The buffs im trying to track are: Berserker Rage, Skull Banner, Recklessness, Bloodbath and a trinket. Each one of them on their own icon.
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    So you want the icon to show when the cooldown is almost up?

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    Yes, I want the icon to show when the cooldown is almost up, and hide when I use it

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    Create a new icon.
    On the Trigger tab,

    Trigger 1:
    Type: Status
    Status: Cooldown Progress (Spell)
    write the name of the spell you want
    check Remaining Time <= 5 (for 5 seconds)

    click Add Trigger at the top
    (make sure you change Required for Activation to Any Triggers)

    Trigger 2:
    Type: Status
    Status: Action Usable
    write the same spell as Trigger 1

    Repeat for each cooldown.
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    I'll try this as soon as i get home, thanks!

    It works awesome! Is there a way to make the icon glow? i tried but the only glow efect i found was the one in the actions tab and i don't like how it looks... Is there another way? I want it to glow exactly when the buff is ready to use again, i mean, when the cooldown is on 0 seconds. How can i do that?

    Thanks in advance!
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