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    [H] <Right on Red> Recruiting for 10M 7/16 H Raiding

    <Right on Red> is looking to fill out our raid roster. We are one of the top PvE guilds on Maelstrom, currently 7/16 Heroic.

    During progression we typically raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Monday at 7:00-11:00 PM server (8-12 EST), although it is not uncommon for us to add days during progression.

    We currently have a high need for:
    Heal: Pally or Druid
    Ranged: Hunter/Boomkin (open to others)
    Tank: Non-Druid

    Lastly, we are always open to checking out ANYONE who is highly skilled/able to outperform our current raiders.

    Contact me here or in game with any questions and/or interest. Battletag: Golad#1202
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    Looking to bolster roster for 5.2, open to anyone that can compete with our current roster.

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