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And surprisingly enough, frost mages alone are better represented then the whole warlock class in RBG.
Spriests are higher represented then destruction, and so is retribution.

For RBG, warlocks are the 4th least represented class, with only rogues, monks and hunters doing worse.
For arena, we are the 4th least represented class as well, with rogues, monks and deathknights below us. We've dropped under 4% representation already, and still decreasing. Mages are the 5th least represented class, sitting on 9.2%, being roughly 2.5 times as much represented as us.
A representation argument? I'm talking about RBG DEMAND. Not supply or representation. Like Frost DKs, most RBG leaders strive to get a lock in their comp for their utility. That is ALL I am saying. I did not say locks are the best caster. I did not say they are overrepresented. I said they are in high demand for RBG, and can hold their own in arena - though I will they lag behind the godcasters Mage + Spriest. Remember though that Spriest is getting nerfhammered in 5.2 pretty badly so I think the differential between the 3 casters is not extreme.

Furthermore, Locks have always been low in overall numbers, same as a rogue. Even with Cataclysm's legendary daggers + vials for rogue, the rogue spec overall never really surged. But we both know they were OP as hell. Afflic was one of the most feared opponents in Cata, but overall numbers were low.

Again, representation =/ demand, nor does it measure if the class is OP or not. Representation is at best ONE of the MANY factors that tell you if a class is "popular", and is one of the factors that say if a class is strong. Locks were ridiculous in 5.0.5, but even then that didn't make their numbers swell.