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    5.2 Warrior Comp - Need help!

    So in the next season I am going to be going for 2k+ rating in 2v2 (the highest I've aimed for as I've just joined the arena scene this season although I've played since Vanilla and TBC when Arena started out!)

    My issue revolves around what kind of comp a warrior would fit well in. I already have one arena partner and that is a warrior, I'll be playing the healer then we need 1 more person to make up the comp. I had a look around and it looks like if we go for a Dk/Warrior the healer of choice is Paladin but I was looking for a few more comp suggestions

    Warrior/????/Healer (which)?

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Paladin and shaman for healer. Either or.

    Hunter, feral, dk, spriest or mage for the other dps slot.


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