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    Guardian BGs

    Using this thread for questions, posting all at top:

    Quote Originally Posted by wolvers View Post
    Well, i have a question for you RBG Guardian Druids

    How do you deal with offspec gear progression through the season?
    I mean, for Temple of Kotmogu and Silvershard Mines

    You play them as Guardian? You go Feral?
    For those who go with a dps offspec
    What's better? Go Feral with Guardian Conquest gear, gemmed/enchanted/reforged to tank stats, or go Feral with a Honor Set (except Weapon obviously) gemmed/enchanted/reforged to DPS as Feral?
    I mean, does agility and pvp power stacking in an honor gear becomes better than a conquest gear that I will stack resi and stam, becoming a feral with lot a stam/resi and less agi?
    I go Feral DPS for Temple and Mines (Using 2 sets)

    Quote Originally Posted by wolvers View Post
    Liked so much your guide.
    Would like to discuss some points:

    For Tier 1, without Feline Swiftness you don't get 200% on Travel form, you get 175% (considering the set bonus already). Isn't it worth picking it to get a 200% travel form which you can shift instantly and in combat and then no one will reach you even mounted (except palas and dks, who mount faster than 200%, but then you Dash to run faster than them mounted)? Or the defensive mobility and the charge immobilizing 4sec with 15s cooldown will always be a best choice?

    What do you think about leaving bear form when rage is 0, casting rejuv, shifting back to bear with 10 rage and insta Frenzied Regeneration?
    Too much risk in shifting out of bear for only gaining little heal (as non-Heart of Wild rejuv ticks heal approx. half of when cooldown is up and Frenzied with 10 rage is about 9k heal) or is it worth keep doing it when u have a small room just enough to shift in and out?

    Also related to shift in and out, what do you think about Soothing the Warrs and the Ferals (when no Druid friend is near)?

    To be more general, what are your thoughts on every shapeshift out of Bear? Too dangerous and should be avoided by any cost?
    Shift out to cat(or travel outdoors) for kite when Stampede Roar for extra speed or keep on Bear and just shift out while Dashing?
    I've said most of this in the guide but I'll just highlight some of it: Feline Swiftness does not matter 4 stacks of flag carrying debuff. Neither dash or stampeding roar. You are capped at 100% movement speed and CANNOT go over it with ANYTHING. Without debuffs you cannot go over 200% movement speed anymore. This was hotfixed as you was able to get over 300% speed. So I take wild charge because the leap is unaffected by buffs and it can be used in a variety ways. It's not worth doing because if you get stunned when you shift out there is a chance you can get stunned (you can do it if no one is near I guess) out of form and then pretty much its GG

    As I said before none of those other forms will matter on 4+ stacks as you are capped at 100% movement so just stay bear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crass1096 View Post
    I go Feral DPS for Temple and Mines (Using 2 sets)
    Thanks again Cráss. Just to clear ir up for me:
    Starting the season, yes, I will be with two different full Malevolent sets for Guardian or Feral.
    As season progresses, I will of course prioritize buying the new Conquest gear (Tyrannical i think the name is) and gemming/enchanting/reforging to Guardian stats.
    My doubt is here. In this context of progressing through the season, on the maps i go Feral: is it better to go always with my full-Malevolent-DPS-set or to go with the full-Malevolent-DPS-except-for-the-Tyrannical-pieces-I-already-have (which will be with Guardian gemming/enchanting/reforging) ?
    The real doubt is:
    For DPSing as Feral, do a piece enchanted and gemmed with PvP Power/Agility/(AP) outlast a higher ilvl piece (same slot) that is Resilience/Stamina prioritized?

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    Oh, and another question also: Symbiosis.
    Since i have a DK on my RBG group, picking Bone Shield from his is a no-brainer, right?
    I'm testing symbiosing a Hunter at the start of a Flag Carry map, for Ice Trap help me kiting when i go pick the flag and someone come behind me, but then always switch back to the DK.

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    In 5.2 would it be worth it to take Displacer beast now that it doesn't make you go into prowl and auto-drop the flag? Might be nice with the speed boost, but then again the utility you get with wild charge is kind of hard to pass up. Also, with the change to cenarion ward (increasing healing by 100% or the duration) is it worth it to take that and dump glyph of frenzied regen for something else? Not sure what other glyph you would want to take, but yea might be nice to free up another glyph slot.

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    maybe its worth to put a link to the guide. and from the guide to the Q&A.

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