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    The Heavenly Veil

    looking for active ranged dps to fill our core group up
    we are a very social guild have lots of fun on mumble while raiding
    raid days are monday ,sunday and wenseday we used to raid friday instead of sunday but ppl tend to go out party etc
    raidtimes are 20.30 till 23.00
    ages in the guild are around 19 to 30+
    if your intrested where on horde side shattered hand EU just contact me or someone else and thell point you to and officer or class leader in rank
    we also have a fb page where we make our own quests for having a more social part of the game ( GM takes a screenshot of a hard to get place and you need to make the exact one yourself with a guildie on it and you get rewarded with items from gbank)
    raidrepairs are coming from gbank

    greetz cold
    Same Shit Different Day

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    noone? raid spot garanteed for ppl with brains
    Same Shit Different Day

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    last bump i geuss
    Same Shit Different Day

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