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    [H] Hollow Point - Sunstrider (9/16hc) LF monk/druid healer and ranged dps

    We're a small raiding guild on the Horde side of Sunstrider-EU after transferring from Lightbringer.

    The Guild was founded at the end of Wrath from the remaining members of a 25 man raiding guild. The core members have played together for several years now and know each other pretty well. Despite having struggled for active members to fill our 10 man raids on an underpopulated Lightbringer server we have still managed to clear all content. For the release of Mists of Pandaria we have moved to EU-Sunstrider, with a larger horde population. Hopefully this will provide us with new challenges and potentially more active raiders. We hope to continue and improve upon our progress and take down the heroic modes Mists has to offer as fast as we can.

    We don’t take the game too seriously, we like fun and would rather play smart than use brute force, we make constructive suggestions instead of nerd-raging, and everyone has a say in what happens.

    Main Raids are scheduled for 4 days a week, Wed Thurs Sun & Mon from 7:45pm – 23:00 pm server time. We also try to have alt and social raids on Fridays and/or Saturdays at the same time.
    For more info or to make an application please visit our website: hollowpoint.eu
    Or feel free to ask for an officer in game.

    Right now we're in need of a monk or druid healer and some high ranged dps of any class.
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    Bump still looking for a healer to add to our team

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