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    favorite game intro music (any game!)

    heres my favorite cos its for a kick ass console and its really upbeat

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    I really love the alien theme once the Collector ship is revealed.

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    First actual "game" I ever played. 6 years old at the time. The intro STILL gives me goosebumps (especially the 2:45 onwards part).

    And the actual menu music, which is really good too:

    (The game is from 1997.)
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    This one. <3

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    no question, it is the best.

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    This was the game that made me want to buy a PlayStation back in the day. I was about 12 at the time, and my older brother (18 or 19 at the time) bought the PlayStation and FF7 for me under the condition that I make "payments" to him until I had it paid off. We actually had a handwritten "contract" that we both signed and gave to my Mom for safekeeping.

    I think it came to somewhere around $150. I worked my ass off doing yardwork and helping my dad with various stuff (he's in construction) for an entire summer to pay him for it. Was totally worth it. I was pretty proud of that because I actually earned it.

    Good times.
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    While everyone else had a Super Nintendo or the Sega Genesis, I was playing Wizards & Warriors II for the NES.
    I have a lot of hardcore nostalgia for this console and the 64, but this theme... THIS THEME rules.
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    And of course

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    So many good ones... this has always been one of my favorites though

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    FF8 intro music was quite awesome.

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    No contest.
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    R-Type, I want this as my ringtone

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    Not even a shadow of a doubt. The Ys: Origin soundtrack is complete gold. Played the game 6 times and still can't get enough of that damn soundtrack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Always Z View Post
    So many good ones... this has always been one of my favorites though

    Was thinking of putting this here, but the original Metroid title theme invokes more feelings for me. Still, the Prime theme is so killer.

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    Sort of beginning of game intro music.

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