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    LF Photoshop help (masque skin)

    As the title says, i have been going through pretty much all the masque and buttonfacade skins there is out there in hope of that one of them could provide me with a black/grey/black border at lower scales in bartender (0.6 and down).
    So far there is only 1 skin that can do this for me (Masque vista), the problem is that this skin is bright at the top of the border and becomes darker at the bottom.
    What i want is the whole "inner" border to have the same color/brightness as the top, the problem is that i know absolutely nothing about photoshop so i wonder if there is anyone here that could help me with this, if there is, i would be forever grateful<3
    Here's a screenshot of the skin with the color at white and a big scale just to show what i mean.

    And here is the skin http://fuskbugg.se/dl/LxCdTJ/Masque_Vista.rar

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    Moderators can remove the thread if they want, my problem has been solved thanks to Phanx.

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    Just in case anybody else is looking for the "fix":

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